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  1. ok i made the change of kernel (i'm not very keen on that).. but i had to restore my previous backup (causa the update send my eth in 169 as said). ok, i restored and by armbian config i swicthed to che current versione and not the dev one. now: if i run ap update i see the list of packets to update and there is the new firmware of 5.9.. uhm... if i read well, now after armbian config into curretn versione DISTRIBUTION_CODENAME=stretch DISTRIBUTION_STATUS=eos VERSION=20.08.13 LINUXFAMILY=sunxi64 BRANCH=dev yet dev??? (http://ix.io/2Cdq) thank you in advance
  2. found the point Werner, thank you... running change, soon i update this thread ab
  3. oh my mistake, i didnt understand that was a dev version.. can i change it with armbian config or must change to buster? so in last 3 years, i was a very lucky guy thank you for all
  4. hello, my orangepi3 after the updates of firmware of these days seems to loose eth0, at reboot take eth0 and eth0:avahi with class 169 ip. i made backups (i use a sd to restore the mmc mouting hd and then copy the gzip image) so i have not problems to restore but, i suspect, the previus version is working but the new one not. sorry for my worst english... ab
  5. solved, by armbian-config->system->stable sorry
  6. Hello, Andrew from Italy. I'm a lucky owner of Orange Pi3, running nighly good armbian (debian). i saw now there's a dev WIP version. how to update, cause i made update and dist update but now i'm on 5.88.190610 nightly Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 5.1.7-sunxi6 . thanks in advance bye
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