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  1. But: mecool ~ # uname -r 5.1.0+ In given kernel sources.
  2. I've found proper dts in your kernel repo for s912 with 3gig of ram named *s912*. balbes150, may you push them to your Armbian builds? Would be better. I will try to rebuild kernel-5.1.9 with your dts files. On the 5.1.0 works great, USB etc and dmesg output near of complete and clean (without many modules and drivers [smile]). dtbs-s912.tar
  3. Thanks, I've recognized that differencies between initrd-<kernel-version> and uInitrd* in first cells in the hex table. uInitrd has: 00000000: 2705 1956 775a e370 5cf6 7ffd 0078 16d9 '..VwZ.p\....x.. 00000010: 0000 0000 0000 0000 a36f 8945 0516 0301 .........o.E.... 00000020: 7549 6e69 7472 6400 0000 0000 0000 0000 uInitrd......... 00000030: 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ................ Which not in common initrd-<kernel-version>. Thanks for thread.
  4. Ok, I've understood it already. The Gentoo over the your Armbian kernel load system also has been built. Good job balbes150 (nikname mismatch to it if we read russian transliteration [smile]). The next question is: how to make uInitrd files for the kernel? There is a lot of drivers that we do not need to serve at microserver side. eg: sound, bt, wireless. Need to rebuild network system for iptables etc. Thx
  5. Hi, I've got the login request in 5.88 from 20190604, ...0530 and ...0529 on my Mecool. But no USB ports found and I can't connect over ssh, because firewall restricted and no any ports opened while scan by nmap. Any suggestions? Is it regular issue with USB devices? The latest versions of kernel without result. Update: Probably issue with ssh is my local network issue. Update: Works great over ssh. Installing Gentoo using armbian. )
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