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  1. Thank you guys, if Armbian doesn't manage HDMI input, don't think dev branch will work either. I'm going to build from xunlong's orangepi rk3399 repo in github. Fingers crossed.
  2. Hi, Thank you very much for all the work. I recently purchased 4GB RAM version of Orange PI RK3399. Was able to install armbian WIP version: 4.4.180-rk3399 I'm trying to capture video via HDMI IN port using gstreamer but I see the following error messages in kernel log, I also see lot of irq mismatch errors in kernel log, I tried with installing full firmware and rebooting, still have same errors. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated or if you can guide me to the correct kernel and driver source files to rebuild, I'm happy to compile and test. Thank you!
  3. nano

    RK3399 Orange Pi

    Did anyone get HDMI-IN working on this board? I tried following these instructions in the mentioned post but rkcamsrc plugin is missing from the build, I'm trying to use gstreamer to encode camera input from on-board HDMI-IN connector. I'm getting the following errors when v4l2src plugin.
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