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  1. Hey guys - thanks for all the advise. I finally got around to updating my system and bought a separate SD card just in case. The only issue I had was enabling SMB (which I was unable to do because of the browser, switched the browser and I was able to enable SMB). It just worked - I had recorded all the settings (using my phone) and just set everything up that way it was. Works fine. I'll keep the other sd card as a backup just in case something gets funky!
  2. As the title states I already have software raid setup on my NAS. I'm currently running OMV 4 and I'd like to do a fresh install of the latest Debian image and OMV 5. I do not want to lose my data and would like to simply re-mount my drives. Is this possible? Also if I mess up and I'm unable to mount the raid/volumes, could I create an image of my current micro sd card and simply reflash it back onto the card and have everything as it was?
  3. I just pre- emptively changed out my PSU. It's been running for over a year (I setup the helios kind of late) and I didn't want to take any risks. I suggest anyone who hasn't already changed out their psu at this point to do so. Got the Taifu one as well. It works great and come with a decent warrant as well.
  4. After a long while I finally set this guy up! Is it typical to get the RED Led (2) to blink when you are setting up a raid array. I'm creating a raid 6 array in OMV and when I create the raid the Led2 starts blinking. I canceled, wiped my drives, rebooted. Everything was fine until I tried to setup a raid array. Then the same issue happened. Is this normal? Or do i have a problem
  5. cool thanks. will follow up with OMV team!
  6. Please find it attached. Firewall prevented direct linking. Helio4 Dump.txt
  7. Yes I followed the wiki quite closely and created a logical volume, and file system and then an SMB share folder. I tried to run it and i got the following message Could not find the database of available applications, run update-command-not-fo und as root to fix this armbian-monitor: command not found
  8. I have a batch 1 board, I just recently got to setting it up and I'm facing considerable issues. I've done a debian install with OMV. I followed the wonderful wiki guide carefully however I am unable to access the drive from either my mac or pc. It shows up but when I click on it I get the common error - network path not found. MAC has the same issue - even for the apple file sharing. I can ping the NAS without issues, just can't map or access the device. I can also access the backend (helios4.local) I also find the nas stalls. This happens at least one a day so far. Becomes inaccessible from putty or OMV backend. I'm a bit out of my depths here and spent some time on OMV Forums and tried a few things but nothing worked. Would greatly appreciate support for the small community!