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  1. I have mostly used Armbian stretch on banana pro. Will Debian provide the same functionality, or do I have to switch to Ubuntu when this board arrives?
  2. Thanks for the response jeanrhum and balbes150. Being a novice in this field, I was nervous, but your testimony helps me to go ahead and order the board. As you already know, it is not just just the money, but significant amount of time novice like me have to spend on getting the system to work. My goal is to use get rid of virtual machine on my Window 10 pc to do linux homework, and use this board with Linux Desktop to do all that work, in addition to use the board as file, openvpn and pihole server.
  3. Thanks jeanrhum. I am little concerned about rk3399 boards after watching this review of 6 rk3399 boards. The conclusion was that the chip is fine for android but not for desktop. Since I will be using the linux desktop for computer science programming assignments, I am not sure what to do. Do you or anyone else has a feedback on this video? Please fast forward to 4 minutes to hear his conclusion about horrible linux desktop performance.
  4. I have compared nanopi m4 with rockpro64 and settled on naopi m4. For sata support, I will also get sata hat which will support 4 sata drives. Can you please help me with these questions before I place the order. 0) For my needs is 2gb ram enough or do i get 4 gb for another $30? 1) I have only one sata drive. It is 3 terabyte inside an enclosure which has its own power supply, and an esata port. I had connected that drive to Banana Pro sata input with a esata/sata cable (one end esata into enclosure and other into banano pro sata input). Will this cable al
  5. Thanks jeanrhum. I am looking at that now.
  6. I need some advise on RK3399 board. I looked at orange pi rk3399 because it has a sata support. However, going through the posts here, it sounded a little scary, i.e. TP50265 shorting to allow booting from sd card before writing it to eMMC. Is there any other RK3399 board with sata support I can buy? Thanks.
  7. Thanks jeanrhum and chwe. I am looking at your suggestions. While waiting for a reply here, I came across bananpi m2 ultra. It has sata interface as well as GbE. Only problem is that armbian is available but not supported. Do you think it might work?
  8. I have used banana pro for several years now as samba server for a sata drive, and pihole/openvpn server. My operating system Is: ARMBIAN 5.87.190520 nightly Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 5.1.3-sunxi . I have tried several stable distributions before the may 5, 2019 nightly build, but all have the same issues. 1) Every few days I will loose network connectivity. The board is on, I can see that, but I can not ssh into it. Even the hdmi console will not respond. Apparently, the system just hangs somewhere. 2) There are times when network is fine, I can ssh