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  2. Hello I am running a NanoPi M4 (kernel 4.4) with /boot on SD and / on an USB-attached disk. At the time I ran `nand-sata-install` ext4 seemed like a good choice. I want to snapshot the file system as a preparation step to backing up, so it looks like I have 2 choices now: 1. ext4 on LVM 2. btrfs -> Will 1. work with u-boot/armbian at all? Which solution is recommended? My guess is that btrfs would be the easiest, so the next question is -> can I go and a) `btrfs-convert /` b) update rootfs in armbianEnv.txt, or is there any other step involved? Regards -Patrick
  3. Hello I am having a hard time trying to find some of the boards in Europe. Odroid and NanoPI are rather common, but Banana Pi, Orange Pi, Tritium, Olimex ... seem to be hard to find. Can anybody point me to a list of vendors, or maybe post them here (if it's OK with the forum rules)? Regards, Patrick
  4. Thank you for your answer. Performance is OK for my needs right now, so I don't feel like trading stability for performance I don't really need, especially since I host a lot of data on my Nextcloud.
  5. Hello everybody, I am new to this forum, and stumbled upon Armbian while looking for OS options for the NanoPi M4 board. Great work! The board is running well now, but I do have a few questions: Armbian is WIP, but as NicoD says it's actually very stable. Any idea when it's going to "supported" officially? I did have an issue with the 4.4 kernel, which I worked around. How is your experience with more recent kernels, is it advisable to upgrade? Or will the official image be upgraded from the LibreElec kernel? (Compiling a kernel still seems a little bit daunting to me, although I did it on x86 chips years ago). What timeframe is to be expected for upgrading to Debian 10, once "it's ready"? I don't need a full-blown server at home (using it for Nextcloud, mainly), so those low-power SBC are great fun but I'm trying to make my mind up whether to consider a self-build x86 server (based on Ryzen 3 2200GE) or whether I should go "all in" on NanoPi M4 and Armbian. Regards, -Patrick