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  1. Hello, I am using OPI one with Armbian_5.90_Ubuntu_bionic_4.19.57, so I fliped my 7" touch screen display vertically (rotated 180) by modifing: /etc/X11/xorg.conf/01-armbian-defaults.conf and it worked, but the touch doesn't correspond with it (still points as it was before rotation). how can i flip the touch information (x,y) coordinates vertically (rotate by 180)? Regards,
  2. It didn't work hahaha, but thanks for your help. i will post the solution once i get it to work properly.
  3. @martinayotte Sir, do you have any idea what could be wrong with the 330mv pwm issue!? normally it should be 3.3V, right!? Thanks in advance.
  4. i did change the satatus but no luck!! I have my pwm and all but it's peak value is around 330mv not 3.3v maybe the problem is with pull-up resistors !? IDK!
  5. I did decompile DTB into DTS, and this is what i found: uart0 { pins = "PA4/0PA5"; function = "uart0"; phandle = < 0x19 >; }; pwm@1c21400 { compatible = "allwinner,sun8i-h3-pwm"; reg = < 0x1c21400 0x08 >; clocks = < 0x0e >; #pwm-cells = < 0x03 >; status = "disabled"; phandle = < 0x56 >; }; there is no status line in uart0 and all other peripherals (spi i2c i2s ...) i tryed to change the status of pwm to "enabled" but with no luck!?
  6. Hello all, I used using opi one with (Armbian_5.90_Ubuntu_bionic_4.19.57) image. and used the uart0 pins for hardware pwm but the output was around 330mv pwm not 3.3v as i want. my initial thoughts was either the uart0 isn't disabled or there are no pull ups activated, although i tryed using this: Remap pins in FEX: ; Disable debug UART0 [uart_para] uart_debug_port = 0 uart_debug_tx = port:PA04<2><1> uart_debug_rx = port:PA05<2><1> ; Enable PWM0 on PA05 [pwm0_para] pwm_used = 1 pwm_positive = port:PA05<3><0> but there is no FEX but DTB files and i didn't know how to disable uart0 and activate pwm in DTB/DTS files. so how can i get a 3.3v pwm on uart0 (hardware pwm) ?
  7. excuse me sir, could you show me the file where i can find the dr_mode!? i am a noob.
  8. Hello all, I have a 5" waveshare touch screen connected (touch screen cable) to an orange pi one through usb with a separate power cable for screen, and it works fine. but when I used the (microusb to microusb cable) for the touch it doesn't work.. is there any way to make it work!? because i need the usb for something else and i can't use a usb hub for it's too big for my application. Regards,
  9. Yes, i used the oscilloscope to see the signal... it was working all the time i just had a bad connectivity that's all.. Thank you sir for your support.
  10. thanks again for the quick answer @martinayotte, i see from your answer that i don't need to modify a .dtb file but just add lines to armbianEnv.txt ... so i did add the "overlays=pwm" to armbianEnv and rebooted but when i use the PA05 pin i got a noisy signal, maybe i need to disactivate uart0 first, idk! I sure need to read more about overlays.
  11. thank you for the answer, sir. I want to remap the uart0 to be pwm on the PA05 according to , i used to do this using script.bin in / i don't know how to do that!? could you please show me the file to configure pwm?
  12. I have orange pi one with Armbian Xenial desktop legacy kernel 3.4.y which have a script.bin file in /boot directory and doesn't have /boot/dtb directory ...but when i installed Armbian Bionic mainline based kernel 4.19.y, I found the .dtb files but not the script.bin i don't know how to configure both touch screen and the pwm pin! is the .dtb file (sun8i-h3-orangepi-one.dtb) is the same as script.bin or orangepione.bin ? if so, how to configure it? because i am used to convert the script.bin to .fex to configure it and then back to .bin.
  13. Hello all, Recently, I bought an Orange Pi Win Plus board and have installed Armbian on SDcard and it works fine but when i try to install it on emmc using "sudo nand-sata-install" it just shows "install/update the bootloader on SD/eMMC" in the options instead of "boot from eMMC - system on eMMC" as i have seen on the internet . so guys! what am i doing wrong!? Regards,