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  1. Hi thank you very much for your answer. I'm not very experienced but I'll see what I can manage with what you just told me.
  2. Would it be possible to do something similar to this post of the firefly with the orange pi and with armbian instead of ubuntu? Like for example change the uboot, kernel and rootfs images for armbian ones and get from somewhere the dtb file for the orange pi?
  3. Hi. I'm using an OrangePi RK3399 and if the power supply from the 12V barrel jack is removed, the LTE module connected to the mPCIE port dies. Does anybody know how to make the mPCIE port work while on battery? The mPCIE dying is due to the port being powered from the main power supply line VBUS from the barrel jack (before the BQ25700a battery charger IC, according to the board's schematics). I don't know why power is not supplied from VSYS like everything else on the board. So, what I've found is that if I want to power the mPCIE port from the battery, the reverse OTG mode from the BQ25700a battery charger IC would need to be set (allowing voltage to flow from the battery to VBUS). The problem is that even if the correct register on the BQ25700a is set, there is a resistor from the OTG Enable pin connected to GND, overriding any software configuration. Am I missing something or is there no way to mantain the LTE module on the mPCIE port working while powered from batteries?
  4. If theres a way that is hard the first time (for example that making the files is not that easy) but after that it's easy then i'm happy with it. I take it also as a personal challenge and a way to learn. Thank you for your explanation.
  5. I understand that in normal cases it is the best, but if I need to flash multiple devices it becomes bothersome and personally I find difficult to bridge the pads to boot from the SD. I know that I may not make sense but I would really like to make the other solution work (or an alternative one) Thank you very much for your help
  6. Hello, I have an Orange Pi RK3399 and I'm very interested to install an armbian linux using the usb c instead of the usual method with the sd card. I have looked around but I was able to do it. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you very much for your help