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  1. Maybe it won't take much tweaking, but La Frite didn't like the image for sure. I'll have a look at the Balbes images as jeanrhum has suggested might be compatible when I get a chance. The lack of a proper bootloader on the Pi4 is a bit of a disappointment, currently it'll only boot from the uSD card too (it doesn't have the USB support of the Pi3 atm) which was a bit of a backwards step. I've found uSD cards suffer from corruption on power loss far too easily. I did a project using a Pi2 and stripped back Raspian build for a touch screen kiosk and it would happen consistantly after a few power yanks. Using the uSD simply as the bootstrapper with the OS on a USB stick stopped it from occuring and made it a reliable solution -(which is the only solution that works on the Pi4 atm) .The prototype kiosk was used for over a year on site without issues. The lack of a 64 bit OS is also hampering the Pi a bit - on paper the Pi4 should cream the La Frite, but running a simple sysbench on the two, the Frite comes out miles ahead. I understand the want to keep backward compatibility, but the option would be nice at least.
  2. La Potato has a different SoC - I did try the Armbian image for that on the Frite when the board first turned up on the off chance that it might have some compatibility, but it just boot loops. Libre Comps posted up on the Kickstarter page that the images would be available in 24-48 hours time, two days ago. It's a no show of course. Given how delayed the board was, I expect Armbian to become available before the official images turn up I've got a Pi4 to play with till then, but I did quite like the idea of Frite being cheap and more open. Edit: A headless image is available now apparently: http://share.loverpi.com/board/libre-computer-project/libre-computer-board/image/debian/libre-computer-aml-s805x-ac-debian-stretch-headless-mali-4.19.56%2B-2019-06-26.img.xz (343 MB)
  3. My board arrived ahead of any tracking number, but it does appear they have been sent. https://ibb.co/FwdfGkk Likewise I've had no luck finding any OS images - the board does appear to seek the USB at power on and interesting goes to a network boot when the USB seek fails. Currently this board is just a paperweight though.
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