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  1. Hello, A GPS module ublox is connected to a odroid c2 board on GPIOX.12 and GPIOX.13 for the RX and TX and GPIOX.10 for the PPS. The board is running the stable kernel 4.19.42-meson64 from Armbian based on Debian stretch which was dist-upgraded to Debian buster. I am trying to get the /dev/pps0 entry using GPIOX.10 to finish the chrony setup but I cannot find the correct syntax in the DTS file. Any pointer or idea ? I try either of the gpios line below, none of them seems to be correct. pps { gpios = "< 0x1e 0x66 0x0 >"; #gpios = "<&gpiox 10 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>"; #gpios = "< 0x66 >"; assert-falling-edge; compatible = "pps-gpio"; }; The file include/dt-bindings/gpio/gxbb.h#L122 in the Linux kernel tree show the value of GPIOX.10 is set to 102 (aka 0x66 in hexa). After reboot, the pps-gpio module is loaded and cannot find the GPS connected. # dmesg | grep -i pps [ 1.414780] pps_core: LinuxPPS API ver. 1 registered [ 1.414783] pps_core: Software ver. 5.3.6 - Copyright 2005-2007 Rodolfo Giometti <> [ 5.460824] OF: /pps: could not find phandle [ 5.460835] pps-gpio pps: failed to get GPIO from device tree [ 5.460849] pps-gpio: probe of pps failed with error -22 The previous pps-gpio kernel module had the option for the gpio_pin which seems a bit easier to use :-/ Thank you.