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  1. Hello PlayingMuted, I had the same problem and found this thread. Just wanted to let you know that i found a solution for that. In my case i am using the app "create_ap" from: which is basically just a script setting up your hostapd,dnsmasq and interfaces. With this command from the doc it was not working: sudo create_ap wlp3s0 enp2s0 MyAccessPoint I could open and start the AP but i couldn't really connect to it because no device ever got any IP from my AP. The solution was to start in N mode instead of G mode, which is default in hostapd. Following command worked for me: sudo create_ap --ieee80211n wlp3s0 enp2s0 MyAccessPoint But i think you can basically just change your hostapd.conf file and use this arguments: hw_mode=g ieee80211n=1 ht_capab=[SHORT-GI-40][HT40+][HT40-][DSSS_CCK-40] [Copied from: ] Regards, Alex