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  1. T Huhu Igor, HDD <> SSD :-) The HDD is plugged into the banana pie directly. No hub. Only 1 HDD. So it wont still boot. If the banana is trying to boot up and i remove the usb cable from the hdd, it starts to boot. So maybe i have to go back to raspbian.. :-(
  2. Hello Igor, without USB plugged in HDD, the banana pie starts trough. With plugged in USB HDD i can see only a flashing screen, no output. Maybe the banana pie tries to start from USB HDD, instead of the SD card? On the SD card i flashed a fresh armbian ( Armbian_5.83_Bananapipro_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.19.38.img ), updated to the last, it runs smoothly without any USB HDD. I switched over from Raspbian_For_BananaPi_v1412 to armbian. On RaspBian there wasn't any boot loop.
  3. Hello, my Banana Pie wont start after i plugged in an USB HDD with external power supply. Can you give me a hint please?
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