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  1. Hi all thank's for answers I read doc for script nand-.... Topic closed
  2. Hi Guidol thank's for product very interesting. I retain for other use. Hi Martin, ok i reuse same script to switch µSD to SSD but with move. Perfect, i don't know this menu. You confirm as result OPi boots on SSD directly ? No SD card is necessay ? Right Best regards
  3. Thank's Martin for answer, it's true i prefer OPI. I have bad experience with BPI Berry and wifi AP/STA not supported (normal CSC status), i will try later with other OS. I avoid to use emmc because storage size is limited & not extensible i need place because store a lot of metrics, I prefer SSD/USB. What's the way/procedure to put armbian directly on SSD please ? Best regards Frederic
  4. Hi every body I work with armbian on OPI & BPI fine but I'm looking for an improvment. First I install OS on SD, etc... but with limitations of R/W nb & sensibility if power disappears. I set a boot os SD and after switch on SSD connected on USB by moving directory and after discover a scipt whic do all automatically (thank's armbian). But customer calls me server don't restarts. I go on site (waste of time) burn a new SD etc.... and install a little eaton ups to prevent new failure. The server hosts a little bootstrap webserver, specific application server, cron scripts and nothing else. I need WIFI AP / Eth Gb & SSD and nothing else. I 'm searching for a mother board which boots directly on SSD (skip SD) with function above. Can you help me to choose ? Very thank's Best regards Fredéric
  5. Thank's Igor, than'ks for answer. Sad situation, very strange that banapi ouputs a card without hardware/drivers runs fine..... I try from a debian strecht ( Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) / Kernel: Linux 3.10.108-BPI-M2U-Kernel) it appears wifi sta connect ok, i work on AP... Fred
  6. Thank's answering Igor . What's it the problem ? driver ...(ap6212) Solution -> recompile kernel ... ? Fred
  7. Hi I'm a newbie on armbian (below my boot & some informations). J have install xfce and the image corresponding to my board. WIFI don't runs fine, i have tried commands I know. Thank's for help Fred