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  1. Hi, I am running Armbian on four HardKernel HC2's and everything is working perfectly. The four SBC's are running a Moosefs cluster running Ubuntu 18.04 and Armbian 5.85, and this leads to my questions: I am trying to decide whether to upgrade as apt is proposing moving to 5.89 The change log does not currently list 5.89 and shows 5.87 as the newest. Am I missing something? When I look at previous change logs it is difficult to decipher which fixes impact the HC2/HC1/XU4. Is there an easy way to tell? How do you decide when to upgrade? Is it even worth upgrading when running more mature boards like this one? My boards run inside a private network behind a firewall, and my #1 priority is stability and reliability. Thank you.
  2. I had a similar problem with a board recently, and it drove me nuts. In the end, I found that the DHCPD daemon was running, and it was pulling an IP even though the board had a fixed IP. Might be a worth a look for you.