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  1. Hello, using T95Q with meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb on Armbian_5.89_Aml-s905_Debian_buster_dev_5.2.0-rc4_desktop_20190621 I have the same problem. After update to Armbian_5.90_Aml-s905_Debian_buster_default_5.1.0_desktop_20190701 the issue persists. Syslog - https://pastebin.com/u1FJLFjU Kernlog - https://pastebin.com/bFYFLY9T Armbian-hardware-monitor - https://pastebin.com/yjhY5apE P.S. This problem appears when opening the browser. As far as I understand the problem is connected with Wifi, since there is no problem connecting via cable. Buy on https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/329435