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  1. Hi, I have two rockpro64 boards. One board runs Debian buster with a slightly extended ayufan 5.4.0-rc1 kernel where as the other runs a Armbian (Debian) buster with the current project supplied 5.4.0-rc1 kernel. On the Debian on I have installed the nice ats solution (https://github.com/tuxd3v/ats#install) On the Armbian one the fan is running all the time. I tried to install ats there as well but I failed. Also I found that basically the /sys/devices/platform/pwm-fan/hwmon is not there, only upto pwm-fan I have. Is there some module I need to load or compile into the kernel to get ats working on the Armbian based one as well? Any hints are highly appreciated. Kind Regards Martin
  2. Hi, Unfortunately I'm not yet allowed to post in the development area. I'm using a rockpro64 with armbian quite successfully, Beside other stuff it has two DVB-C USB sticks connected. But I can only run the kernel dpkg -l | grep linux-image hi linux-image-rockchip64 5.75 arm64 Linux kernel, version 4.4.174-rockchip64 since further 4.4 kernel (e.g the latest one linux-image-rockchip64_5.90_arm64 (4.4.182) does not have the CONFIG_VIDEO_EM28XX set to m as before. What are actually the plans in this regard. Is there some good reason that is was disabled, or did no body speak up as of now. Kind Regards M
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