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  1. Thanks for this info. Do I also need to put sudo in front of the statement in rc.local?
  2. Can anyone else running a cubietruck confirm this findings? Is there anything we can do to fix or mitigate this behaviour?
  3. I can confirm what @sgei is reporting but on my cubietruck with the latest armbian buster release. See my screenshot: top shows some kworker thread "events_freezable_power_" every few seconds with 10% load. Seems to be related somehow. At least this leads to the CPU being almost continually clocking @960MHz.
  4. I found this one recently: https://superuser.com/questions/1515001/debian-10-buster-on-cubietruck-with-bug-in-sun4i-drm-hdmi Maybe it helps? I will have to test this in the long run.
  5. Is there any news on this kworker issue? Actually, I'm running armbian 5.90 with 4.19.57 kernel an the problem persists. Before, I was running dev-kernel 5.1 which didn't fix the issue either.
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