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  1. Thank you for answering. Sorry but i can not test other hw than Pine64 (kickstarter) "Modern kernel is basically written from scratch by community " Yes I understand that this is voluntary job. My skills is so low level that I can not help community. Pine64 is quite old and smart people uses newer HW Br: Kaarme42 PS. I can read quite well but writing is terrible. Sorry about that.
  2. Hi I am in the same situation with my Pine64+. LCD do not work. Both Armbian Buster mainline based kernel 4.19.y Armbian Bionic mainline based kernel 4.19.y If I try modify /boot/armbianEnv.txt I can not see line pine64_lcd=off But I added line pine64_lcd=on No picture in the LCD But if I trying with Armbian Xenial desktop legacy kernel 3.10.y I can see line pine64_lcd=off in the armbianEnv.txt After changed off -> on LCD is OK Whats is happening with current versions. Is there any way make the LCD working br: