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  1. Hi Igor, I only knew the RockPi 4 and wondered about the strange mounting option for the SSD (by cable and an extra board). The NanoPC-T4 looks great. I'll order it and try it out. Thanks so much.
  2. btw. how can I delete one of my posts (like this one)?
  3. I don't mean the stability of the software (debian runs stable), I heard, that for many read/write processes a sd-card is not the best media (only seen from hardware-side). That's why I changed from raspbian to bananapi. Best would be a singleboard-computer with a native ssd slot (not with sata-cable). yes, it does. But I prefer the newer version (espacially php7.3), so I prefer armbian instead of the images from the bpi-site. So, if there's no hope in the near furture, I just will plug it with LAN-cable in the router. But thank you anyway. Maybe a Rock Pi 4B is the right one, but it becomes big in size, when adding the SSD board and the alu-heatsink. Do you know, if the image is the same as the one for the Rock Pi 4 (which is supportet by armbian)?
  4. I even tested the debian jessie from http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-M3#Image_Release and wlan is working. It runs on kernel 3. I heard from someone, who did a trick: He putted in a wlan usb-stick, configured it, unpluged LAN and the stick and rebooted. After that, the wlan-card was recognized (unfortunately I don't know th page where i read it, and I don't have a stick to test it). I just bought the bpi as a webserver, so my dream is a minimalistik debian (like the debian netboot for my raspbian). But on the raspbian the sd-card and usb-stick (mysql-db) crashes sometimes. Therefore I bought a banana, because I hoped the eMMC would be more stable.
  5. http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bananapi-bpi-m3-new-image-archlinux-4-18-1-1-arch-2018-08-19/6544
  6. I've downloaded Armbian Stretch 4.19. I read, that wlan is broken. Now I read under ArchLinux, that it's working. Is it possible to integrate the driver from Arch to Armbian? Or is there a way to make wlan working?