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  1. Trying to sync latest beta release of Geth Ethereum client and it's filling ram till process crashes. Apparently setting a swap file helps - but sudo swapon -show says /dev/zram1/ 1gb partition already set up... I was going to set up a 4gb swap file on the nvme - what to do? Thanks for any advice.
  2. @Igor Was thinking to create issue on Github - firmware repository or?
  3. @Igor Does Armbian throttle the cpu freq when a temp is reached? (Know what temp?) Or is this done on-board and not OS dependent? Thanks.
  4. OK, thanks... Back to FriendlyDesktop
  5. I've got the cpu set at 600/1800/ondemand and am going over 70c benchmarking with 7-zip (armbian -z) and still no fan... Have tried changing the fdtfile to rev06 but still nothing. Something must be wrong/not activated...
  6. After finding armbianmonitor I did some more testing and still can't get the fan on. Does armbian throttle cpu according to its temp and that keeps cpu temp below level where fan is activated or? If the fan should work then is there a sure way to check it? Do I need to change cpu freq settings for fan to activate? Fan details
  7. I (think) I just ran cpuburn-a53 to test fan and nothing happened - unlike when testing running FriendlyDesktop where the fan started up straight away. Is there a setting somewhere or code needed to activate fan? Thanks. EDIT - To run cpuburn I did: wget gcc -o cpuburn-a53 cpuburn-a53.S ./cpuburn-a53
  8. Thought I tried that... Oh well, job done now. Thanks.
  9. Thanks - the GUI just came with a normal boot - didn't have to press recovery button. So, I had armbian buster flashed to eMMC > installed friendlydesktop > booted armbian bionic image from SD > reflashed eMMC. Armbian bionic now loading from eMMC. Re. boot button, I got armbian bionic on an SD to load using it (with armbian buster still on eMMC), but you can't reflash the eMMC this way as the option isn't there in armbian config.
  10. @JnrJedi Thanks. How to install Armbian after installing eflasher friendly... ? If you put Armbian image on SD, isn't there still same problem with not being able to get board to boot from SD cos it autoloads from eMMC?
  11. Re. using the Boot button - if you have to press power and boot buttons together, you only have a short time before pressing the power button for too long just shuts board down. Do you 1. Press and hold Boot, 2. Press and hold Power just until power light comes on then release, 3. Release Boot same time as Power, 5 secs later, after booting from SD finishes - or when? I tried lots of ways and no good - and read of others not being able to get this to work...
  12. @JnrJedi Could you please break this down into steps for me with a bit more explanation. Do you mean that if you load an FriendlyArm eflasher-friendly desktop image onto an SD then boot, the OS on the eMMC doesn't automatically load and you get a GUI running from the SD instead? Then you install FriendlyDesktop - but then how do you install Armbian after that?
  13. Yeh - for the life of me I couldn't get that to work... It sure woud be nice and simple if it did! I could get it into loader mode by pressing recovery button + power to start but the boot button didn't seem to do anything whatever I tried and it just booted from eMMC. Will have another go...
  14. Flashed Armbian Buster to eMMc and now want to flash to Armbian Bionic. I know there's instructions using a usbC in the friendlyarm wiki but this just isn't working out... I used the Windows method / tool to erase the eMMC as it says which seemed to work but it still boots from the eMMC :/ Are there any better instructions any where?