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  1. Hi, My experiences with crontab @reboot is that I dropped that solution in favor of systemd services. To give you basic idea here comes a excerpt of code I put into the customize-image.sh script: cat <<EOT >|/usr/local/bin/usb3-memory-size.sh #!/bin/bash echo 1000 > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/usbfs_memory_mb exit 0 EOT chmod +x /usr/local/bin/usb3-memory-size.sh cat <<EOT >|/lib/systemd/system/usb3-memory-size.service [Unit] Description=USB3 memory sizer Before=basic.target After=sysinit.target local-fs.target DefaultDependencies=no [Service] Type=oneshot RemainAfterExit=yes ExecStart=/bin/bash -c "/usr/local/bin/usb3-memory-size.sh" [Install] WantedBy=basic.target EOT systemctl enable usb3-memory-size.service It creates a new service that corrects the kernel setting for USB3 camera. This works perfectly fine. When such a service shall be triggered depends on your configuration. Look at the line of [Unit] section, explicitly before/after lines. For example you can force such a service to start after login prompt pops up.
  2. Hi @lanefu, things go slowly for two reasons: problem with delivery of sdcard connectors and also lack of free time for soldering Now, after summer time period, things hopefully will go in more planned & coordinated way. If you like, I can publish design documentation right away. Or just stay tuned, I do not drop this project, so i will update in one or two weeks status.
  3. As no details are provided I will suggest to: 1) verify i2c-tools package is installed dpkg -l i2c-tools 2) After successful installation (if needed) check if i2c bus is detectable i2cdetect -l 3) If working, play around with other i2c commands, like i2cset or i2cget
  4. Jessie is not supported on Arm64 architecture. Is it really needed to continue from here? Current shell script conforms to Python version but with no lsb_module analysis. Frankly speaking I do believe current shell is good enough.
  5. Ok. Then next week I will spend some time in checking lsb_release
  6. Status update. DHL parcel received. New boards photos: and SD adapter inserted into Rock64 Now I am waiting for remaining components then soldering/assembly will start.
  7. As for now I have not faced any issues with my SBCs and mini images. So my question is : what is next step before incorporating those changes into master branch ?
  8. Thx @lanefu, as I already wrote I am also interested in that design, to sort out my shelf of SBCs and stop messing with SD cards. That said may it be that in the future I can connect some of my boards (as I have dozen of not used ones) for continuous integration of future Armbian changes. In a automatic way. So the question quickly pops up: I will continue with HW design but who will do the scripts that will use that HW? :) I.e. run compile.sh, upload to remote SD, power SUT, gather logs?
  9. Picture of first power / serial board. This is the old design and I am awaiting for new one (just got DHL notification of incoming parcel) I expect that till end of August the prototype will be assembled and electrically tested. Then as promised I will publish design and manufacturing files.
  10. JST connectors shall be locked in place and not touched, yes. This is due to the need of having firm board-cable connection, also there is no need to disconnect that. For power & serial cable, second end I plan to use 4 pin Dupont connectors. This time for easy plugging into SBC 40pin header. Hence, together with uSD card adapter both can be reconnected as many times as one need.
  11. First PCB from jlcpcb in on the way. Meanwhile I have find some time to sit down on the mSD adapter. Small PCB with JST XH connector. Thus cables between mux boards and those should be 4-Pin JST XH Female Connector Double Ended ones. An micro SD mux board final design: And serial mux / power distribution (with I2C interface) For serial / power connection, standard NEMA17 extender cable (4-pin JST XH & DUPONT connectors) will do the job. Dupont connector inserted into following pins on the SUT board: I have ordered 1m cables (JST/JST & JST/Dupont) from aliexpress.
  12. So you suggest to use CLEAN_LEVEL="debs" to remove debs all the time and eventually add IGNORE_UPDATES ?