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  1. i'll try to set some time aside this week to carve out a vanilla 18.04 distro on a partition; if i recall from the docs going with a VM install is preferred but old habits die hard i have a nice little variety of boards, i'll lurk around more and figure out which boards need someone helping with builds and maintenance the most and go from there!! i am fairly inexperienced with the real deep, under-the-hood type work here, but i definitely think i could get up to speed fairly soon and begin playing around with the configuration scripting, and perhaps even a forked compton to take advantage
  2. ever since i got to first play with a raspi, i have had a sort of sideproject/goal: to be able to have a desktop i can carry in my pocket. i know that this isn't exactly unique as far as what folks consider something to do with an sbc... but in my case i wasn't thinking about something that could run like, xfce fairly stable... i wanted something vain and flashy with the caveat that i have not yet acquired or even used an rpi4 - or really any board over ~$30 - this dang ol' OPi One+ was the first board where I was able to successfully set up a very fancy desktop (ubuntu + i3wm + compto
  3. super glad i saw this thread! thanks to some cosmically bad luck, i happened to make contact with two pins while my One+ was booted up - upon reboot, my ethernet no longer worked. this was about a month ago, and i've been super annoyed at myself, as this is not my first board i've accidentally killed (i have 3dprinted some gpio header covers since - they are super handy) long story short, i got bored this weekend, figured i'd see what happens if i tried to boot the one+ up - flashed an old image i had onto an sd card (bionic server/5.1) ...and to my surpri