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  1. TK, this definitely helps. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it
  2. TK, First of all, kudos for providing such a detailed topic on this board. I'm a bit late to this forum and I wish I had found this before spending my money on the M3 board. Oh well. I'm a bit newbie on this, and given that you have such remarkable experience, would you be willing to provide a guide on how to install a base ubuntu (16.04) image onto the M3? I've got as far as compiling their kernel by following this guide (, if it helps. I've also asked for help on their forum but honestly I don't think they know what they're doing. I tried a few of the images that SinoVoip provides but they're super loaded with so much junk that who knows what other spyware they've installed, and I just don't feel safe using it. Thanks in advance and I truly appreciate your help.