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  1. The main browsers are really slow! Both firefox and chromium. And also other webkit-based ones. I did truly expect much better from the arm 64-bit 4-core. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any tricks to improve performance?
  2. Hello all First of all, thanks Balbes for the image, it's working great on my dad's new X96 mini. I have read that in the mainline kernel there is no support for ssv6051 which seems to be the wifi chip on this box. I also read that the legacy images were removed recently. I have also a copy of the older version 5.37 server with kernel 3.14, however it seems that image will not have the needed module. My question is, does someone who has this 5.41 image with kernel 3.14 could upload it somewhere? I would be very thankful. Or, if someone could point me to a link to just the module ssv6051 and firmware, I think this probably could work on my 5.37 image. Or if anyone has the driver source I could try to compile it. Again a big thanks, it's great to have linux on this tv box.