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  1. Hi all, I asked AliExpress as well as the guy who is chatting with me since beginning of August 2019. Nobody sayed anything about that. I asked may if its legal in china .. no answer ;(
  2. Hi guys, today the manufacturer of OrangePi 3 want a new video. A video were they can see the problem with the SD card slot. Its unbelievable. The 6MB movies I've sent to theire mailaddress had a bad resolution, then I put a better quality to YouTube. They didn't watch the movies I've published at YouTube. I'm sure that guys kidding me and don't want to give the warranty ;( Should I stop chatting with them via AliExpress and send the device back to china?
  3. They really want to make me belief, that win7 will change the behaviour of the broken device. They think I'm stupid by writing, Win10 is not supported .. but a Virtual machine with Ubuntu 19.04 on a Win10do. My goodness.. that are no engineers in China, they are construction worker.
  4. Hey guy,s, I have unfortunately a lucky hand for such bad luck. ;(
  5. Hi all, honestly, I'm not that rich to drop the bugged one into the waste bin to buy another one. All in all I payed with additional german tax around 50 €uro for 1 Device. Both 100€uro. In germany you can not sustain one of such devices for less than 100 €uro. It's a drawback, that private people don't have the same rigths than big companies. But you're right. Other companies grant warranty and replacement easily when they see that actions I've had and commented with video and at this forum. Just in case I'm totally disappointed of all the OPI3 issues and want to sell maybe at eBAY, I have to grant warranty as well. When I compare the troubles which raised since I detected that bugged device, I rather drop all into the waste bin and never buy anything from that manufacturer. Just in case that friends decide to buy an OPI3, I will tell them my bad experience with this company.. Sad, that I gave them good reputation before I ran into that troubles ;(
  6. UPDATE.. The Chinese company told me to use WIN7 .. maybe for USB-TTL debugging. Possibly they disturbed at the OS - Win10 which I am using. Is there any difference to connect USB-TTL via WIN7 while WIN10 drivers are broken and a "VBOX - Ubuntu 19.04" can easily connect to the working device but not to the bugged one? My stupidity to understand "Dispute and Evidence" to open, is gone and I suppose they wont solve that problem by easily replace while warranty time is running. The costs would be at my side .. I suppose. I gave the link of the thread to the company that they can read what should happen but not occurs.
  7. Hello guys, I've made movies about my 2x OPI3. I created because the manufacturer wanted to see the buggged device and the good device. My spoken english is a little stuttering. The good and working device has the Serial Number 2019040200101458 DELETED FROM YOUTUBE The bugged device has the Serial Number: 2019040200101505 DELETED FROM YOUTUBE I'll delete this movies after a while which I support.
  8. Hello, I downloaded the Armbian-Bionic from here and I flashed the micro SD card with it. I checked everything out with this SD card at the bugged device until I unpacked one week later the 2nd OPI3 which is now flashed with the OS from here. I updated and upgraded the operating system at the SD card before I flashed the 2nd device. At this time I am using the "old" flashed micro SD card with the updated & upgraded Armbian-Bionic. That SD card does not work with the bugged device. Other "32GB Samsung EVO+" work only in the working device with all features. But not with the bugged one.. The 16GB Micro SD "SanDisk Ultra" was an emergency shopping because I thought the troubles are from "Samsung 32GB", and it's at this point neigher the SD card type nor the SD card size.
  9. Hello again, the board is switching the red enlighted power LED instantly to green. At this point I know and I've figured that out, the device is booting into Android. An inserted micro SD card does not change the behaviour with booting and the power LED. And I don't understand what you want to say with.. Pardon I am no harware crack ;(
  10. Hello, thank you for your assistance. The 2nd OrangePi3 I've checked is possible to connect via serial USB console. It needed a while but I got the login prompt to the Armbian-Bionic flashed eMMC memory. The connection was available only on the virtual machine. No login to the bugged device. And five minutes later the same .. no login prompt.
  11. Hello alltogether, today I got an USB-TTL cable. I connected the pins like the OPI3 manual shows. I installed the outdated PL2303HXH driver via device manager on my Win10do x86_64 but its impossible to connect via putty into the serial connection. Other drivers I've found around the internet could not be installed. At the same machine I have VBOX with a working Ubuntu 19.04 Desktop - 64bit. I saw a /dev/ttyUSB0 device but the same, I can not connect. I've never had such a bugged device. For today I am stumped. I hope they grant warranty.
  12. Hey guys, at this time I don't have additional hardware like a USB to UART cable or USB-TTL one. I am not an electronic technican, my equipment at home is based to use working hardware with suitable operating systems . I have 2x Monitors. An older one (LG / Flatron W2242T / DVI to HDMI), the other one "Asus 3D Vision (VG248)" which support full HDMI to HDMI as well as a six port CPU switch, 2x "eight" port Gigabit Switches. Tons of ethernet cables (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6e, CAT7, CAT8) and a decent amount of USB Sticks (2,3) and micro SD cards ultra. At least my internet Router AVM 7560. But no USB-TTL cable :o)
  13. Hi guys, OK, once again.. I've bought 2x OrangePi 3 / H6 Borads. At both CPU I can read "Alwinner H6". 1) The 1st OrangePI 3with the SD card wich makes troubles says: "PI3 - 2G8G / 2019040200101505" I cant' boot that OPI3 from micro SD card. And its impossible to flash the eMMC from micro SD with an other operating system But the board is starting into the pre installed Android 7. 2) The 2nd OrangePI 3 / Alwinner H6 The sticker says: "PI3 - 2G8G / 2019040200101458" I have successfully flashed the eMMC with Armbian-Bionic at this board and the board is booting from eMMC into Armbian-Bionic. I got from the manufacturer an answer, they want a video were they can see that the 1st board does not boot from SD card. I can create that tomorrow.
  14. Hey guys, one of my 2x OPI3 Allwinner H6 board wont boot from the micro SD card. That rather decrease me to a nowinner instead of an allwinner. But joking apart The red LED over the SD card is enlighted when all cables like keyboard, mouse, HDMI and ethernet are cable-connected. The red LED from the power is only a few seconds red and is switching to green, then the board boots to the pre installed Android.7 OS. The SD card will not be detected. When Android is up, there is a point called "local" at the bottom of the screen When I open "local" I can see "Local Memory" that possibly should be the SD card, Network Neighborhood (CIFS shares) and NFS Share of my network Clicking at the "Local Memory" drops me back to the filemanager, the SD card is formatted with FAT32. No chance to see any available space at the card. I got this morning a new message from the developer with a picture in it, how I could flash the eMMC memory with my prefered OS. What I do not understand is under "Firmware / connecting with - CLK -" what is CLK?. I understand (GND) ground wich is the negative pole of power. But where? Is that possibly the 3 Pin UART connector between the microphone and the power switch? That description makes me crazy. I asked the manufacturer for warranty because micro SD card slot does not work and I recieve a dangerous method to flash the board with new firmware. I've never did such hardware hacks and I am a little afraid to kill that board and lose warranty. With the TYPE-C USB cable the board recieve power from my PC. At the same time I have to DCIN power to the board and it get dual power? When the eMMC has an other OS on it, does the SD card slot work and detects SD cards? Has anybody helpful hints or detailed info to fix this issue? Thank you for reading and understanding.