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  1. Hey! Many thanks for the reply, @Igor. I tried my best to find the most appropriate place, but I must have gotten confused I see. How would I go about doing that? Where can I find the appropriate kernel configurations to compare please? Not sure I know what "LKML" refers to, sorry. I assume that would be against a git repository somewhere? I'm certainly open to doing so, but it sounds rather intimidated at the moment
  2. I'm testing out the Orange Pi 3 Ubuntu 18.04 image (Link:, and I'm trying to play some sound using a USB adapter (Link: I originally posted this as a question on Ask Ubuntu (link:, but I was advised to file a bug report about the issue. I'm acutely aware that this post belongs in the Allwinner H6 forum (Link:, but it would appear that there are restrictions in place to prevent me from posting there. It works...... but only through the left speaker. If I do this: speaker-test --test wav --channels 2 ...I hear "front right" out of the front-left speaker, and I do not hear "front left" at all. If I instead test just 1 channel: speaker-test --test wav --channels 1 ...then I hear "front left" out of the front-left speaker. The same goes for if I play some music with `aplay`: aplay test.wav I ran the `alsa-info` program, and got this link, which contains a bunch of useful information: I've checked the levels in `alsamixer` already: (Link to screenshot of the terminal) alsamixer -c1 Additionally, I checked the USB adapter in question on another (also Ubuntu) machine (that has a GUI) (`alsa-info` link: Both channels worked flawlessly as intended. I do have PulseAudio installed, but playing through that yields the exact same problem. Does anyone know what's gone wrong? I'd very much like to listen to things through both speakers.