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  1. Hi, at first: thanks for your effort! I have a Z69 3/32 GB, which hangs on S905X logo at boot. I tried different debian/ubuntu images and DTBs. Instead it boots CoreELEC just fine with "gxl_p212_3g.dtb", but this DTB does not work with armbian. There is this post, which says, it boots without a DTB, I cannot confirm this. I tried all "gxl-s905x-..." DTBs in /dtb, none of them does work. Tested with different USB-Sticks and SD-Cards. These are the images I tried so far: Armbian_5.44_S9xxx_Ubuntu_bionic_4.18.0-rc5_server_20180806.img Armbian_5.90_Aml-g12_