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  1. Hello all, I have one X96 Max and a A95X F2 ... and one issue with gigabit ethernet The X96 works fine in a gigabit network with 116MB/s test. The A95X F2 with the same DTB (meson-g12a-x96-max.dtb) does not recognize the network device (only loopback and wifi) with the special DTB (A95X F2 с SoC Amlogic S905X2-MT7668RSN.dtb) of this thread (thanks Balbes150) everything runs ok but the ethernet is 100 mbps It's there a DTB with gigabit ethernet for the A95X? best regards
  2. Hello, balbes150 and others...You are doing a great work.... thanks!. _ I have a X96 Max running docker and runs great..... Now I bought a A95X F2 (with the same S905x2 processor) a bit cheaper than X96Max and one day sended...... I can run armbian (latest version 4.95) using sdcard (pressing the reset button in AV plug..... and connecting power). But the Network is not working.... the eth0 is down and when I try to set up (ifconfig eth0 up) I'm receiving a "SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy" The error in "dmesg" is "meson 8b-dwmac f
  3. Thanks I'm newbie with tvboxes and armbian. I'm booting with twrp by: 1. - trying to install the aml_autoscript.zip 2. - When x96 max reboots gives an error (verification error) 3.- update from EXT... sdcard TWRP-3.2.2.zip 4.- The TWRP starts correctly If I try with the button in "AV" then x96 max or "bootloader" from recovery menu.... the system freezes in the first logo (it appears that there is not a bootloader ¿?) and have downloaded a lot of armbians from https://yadi.sk/d/pHxaRAs-tZiei I can copy
  4. What Android version os your x96max? Mine is android 9 and gives me an verification error in the upgrade..... What version of armbian do you use? Thanks un advance
  5. Hello I received my new x96 Max tv box yesterday It runs android 9 When I update with am...zip for enable bootting from sdcard( correct?) the update process after reboot says "error verifying...." "footer error...." The file arm****.zip is in the sdcard and the update procesa can read (update from EXT in the menu can retry with same error) What I'm doing wrong? more info: the x96 Max that I have is a 4G Memory /32G disk model.... it has a u311 (¿board model?) instead of u211 i read about in other threads (or in this thread) Thanks in avance Rica