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  1. Can confirm that, mine gives about the same (wrong) temperature readings
  2. Hello everyone, I know this is a well known problem of the OPi Zero, but in regarding to "solutions": h3consumption works only with the legacy kernel because of the use of Fex Is there a way to tweak the things h3consumption did in the mainline version? In the mainline version from armbian-config it is possible to disable USB, in /etc/default/cpufrequtils it is also possible to set the maximum frequency and wifi can be disabled. Does anyone know any option for disabling the GPU, limit the DRAM clockspeed and the maximum active cores? Is the only possibility to recompile the kernel, at the moment? Unfortunately the main tutorial about h3consumption is no longer available
  3. nvh

    OPi Zero LTS

    Yes probably they have achieved something by software and not that much anyway. I was just curious if someone knew more
  4. nvh

    OPi Zero LTS

    Yes, I have read that 2 articles but there seems to be no technical information about how they managed to lower the temperature, just comments and guesses. I hope the manufacturer will publish the new schematics or someone who bought the board could give more info
  5. nvh

    OPi Zero LTS

    Is there any schematic of the new board? I can't find much technical information
  6. Hello, is the new Orange pi Zero LTS supported by Armbian? It's the same chip and same stuff but they claim they have reduced the power consumption and lower the board’s temperature. Do you think they have archived that by manipulating the hardware or by lowering the frequency and stuff via software?