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  1. Thanks everyone. I know that I can get these from the build system from git https://github.com/armbian/build.git in patch/kernel but I cannot see how these patches are applied. I tried a few for the OPI0. Looks some are coming from sunx8 or sunxi-next.... When I apply all the patches in the sunxi-next I get something that looks about right but there are multiple patches that seem to do the same thing. Is this documented in the source?
  2. Is it possible to download debian sources for the armbian kernels? If so where are these located?
  3. I am trying to remove a USB DBV-T receiver from the craptop to a less noisy Orange PI Zero (OPI0). I had to compile tvheadend and some modules but when I playback video I noticed that the output stalls (using the Ethernet, not the crappy WiFi). After checking a lot of things, I noticed that CPU usage was high (because of something else) so I bumped the governor up to performance from on demand. I stopped everything and retested by switching between ondemand and performance governors every 30 seconds. During the 30 seconds I noticied continuity errors only during the 30 seconds of ondemand. Is there a problem with the ondemand governor? Is it not ramping up too fast? the DVB needs to process the packets within a specified time to keep up the 10 or so Mbit of USB bandwidth.