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  1. Nevermind, everything is working as expected with the latest 20.08 release
  2. Right, sorry for not doing this earlier: The logs from the encrypted root system are at the end, there are multiple reboots in between. - I screwed up the armbianEnv.txt file at one point, and restored it from a fresh armbian image. I will try another fresh install and encrypted root setup to be sure there aren't any other problems - The CPU temperature seems quite high to me? I remember using the same board a year or more ago and the temps were around 45C instead of 65C. I have a cubietruck that hovers around 45C, seems odd the lime2 emmc wo
  3. Hi everyone, I am trying to setup a new armbian buster system on a lime2 eMMC board. Not currently using the eMMC. Wanted to have a regular armbian install on the sd card, and then an encrypted root partition on an SSD attached with SATA. I've done this before by loosely following this post If I setup a system without using dropbear to unlock the root partition and boot, and use a keyboard to enter the password to unlock it instead, that works fine. However, if I install the `dropbear-initramfs` package, copy my ssh keys to /etc/dropbear-initramfs/authorized_keys and then do `update
  4. So i've gotten round to testing this on the cubox i4 and lime2. Both seem to work fine with the 5.4.22 kernel with apparmor enabled as per the gentoo wiki I used an ubuntu 18.04 VM with the armbian build system, and used KERNEL_CONFIGURE to change the relevant settings So far, i've only tried this with an lvm + luks setup on both the cubox i4 and lime2. I took an existing armbian install and just installed the `linux-image` and `linux-dtb` packages on top of it. I also enabled some kernel options for lvm on the lime2, again as per the gentoo wiki Some next steps to try ou
  5. Thanks for the positive reply! I had thought as much, that it was maybe breaking something else and had been disabled for that reason. However, I'm not sure it even gets loaded if you don't specify the boot parameter for it. I can test this on the boards I have: cubox i, cubietruck and olimex lime 2 with and without eMMC If it goes well i'll submit a PR with a changed kernel config for these boards
  6. I've noticed that the AppArmor kernel config was switched off from kernels 4.19.x onwards. I've searched the forum and the github issues but haven't found any problems related AppArmor. I'm using the current kernel for cubox (5.4.x) that I've compiled by adding AppArmor config back, everything works as it should for a headless system. Would it be possible to add the AppArmor kernel config back? I can help with testing on the following boards: cubox, olimex lime2, cubietruck