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  1. Hi martinayotte, that was it Thank you very mutch for your help. You was also right with the used GPIO. This is the one i use Nice Forum with big help here. I hope i dont have to disturb you again Greets Stoffel
  2. Hello again, i tried to setup the Opis like the setups with the image where ssh didnt work. Now i have the problem that in file /etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf only the entry g_serial exists. i changed the file to the following and bootet the device: w1-sunxi w1-gpio w1-therm #sunxi-cir #xradio_wlan g_serial #xradio_wlan Normally i should find a file /sys/devices/w1_bus_master1/w1_master_slave_count now but with this image this file dont exist now. So i cannot configure the temp sensor. Differs that image in the configuration for the 1-WIRE support? Greets Christoph
  3. Hi martinayotte, Hi Werner, thank you for the tipp with the other image. i tried the other image on both Opis and now the SSH Connection is still available after one hour. So it looks good I hope there is no difference for the snmp service and the 1Wire Connection with this image so i can get my snmp temp sensor to work like in the tutorial ;-) So there is a problem with the image i used first i think. Greets Stoffel
  4. Hi Werner, thx for your reply. If it helps i will try another image. But where can i find it? On page are three supported images for Orange Pi Zero to choose: The default is the one i use right now. If you tell what image i should try i will do that. I am new to Opi and Pi images. Greets Stoffel
  5. Hi, i have a problem with my two Orange Pi Zero´s The Orange Pi Zero´s are installed with the latest Armbian_5.59_Orangepizero_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113 Both Opis are only connected to 5V2A over the microUSB Port and the LAN Port (not WLAN) and use a recommended Sandisk 16GB microSD Card. Both Pi´s are not reachable over SSH maybe 15 Minutes after boot. Direct after the boot SSH is working. Other Services like ping and the installed snmp deamon are working pretty well. Only SSH access stops working after maybe 15 Minutes. There is nothing connected to the OPIS. Is there a known problem with SSH deamon? Greets and thx for help Stoffel