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  1. Hi, @balbes150 If possible, can you please answer why the first FAT partition has 700 mb empty before it? Will I brick my uboot if I change it to something smaller, say 16mb or something. Also, I tried to follow the variety of answers on getting amlogic s905w tanix tx3 mini's wifi. Has anyone managed to get it working? Thank you
  2. I followed the instructions and moved the installation to the eMMC on my amlogic s905w tanix tx3 mini tv box (except for running /boot/, since the file is not there, and seemed to create the partitions in any case). Thank you so much, @balbes150. The first partition (the FAT) one seems to leave some empty space (about 700mb) before it. Is this by design? Does uboot need that much space?
  3. Hi, This probably a stupid question. But for the newbies, including myself, what does the combined mode USB+SD mean? Thanks
  4. I tried to interrupt it the boot. Unfortunately, you are right, it cannot be interrupted. I guess I have no option but to wait Thank you all the same for all the help. -S
  5. Hi, I have attached the boot log when booting android on the rk3318 box. uart_output_android.txt
  6. Hi. I am trying to get armbian up and running on the same tv box (except mine has 64GB emmc). I cannot seem to boot. Serial console stops pretty quickly. @hexdump suggested that the uboot does not work with rk3318. I am a newbie and could really use some help. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by both USB and microSD card method? Thank you so much.
  7. Thanks, I'll try libreelec and post back. UPDATED: Tried two libreelec images for the rk3328. Neither of them work and they both hang at the exact same point as armbian.
  8. Yes. I tried with several dtbs. I don't know what the typical boot up (uboot?) output is supposed to be. But the serial output didnt look like the bootup reached the stage of getting the dtb or loading the kernel.
  9. Hi, I apologize before hand if my question is stupid. I have been trying to get armbian to run on my H96 max rk3318 64GB tv box. I followed the instructions - downloaded the latest image from the link in the first post in this topic, used etcher to burn the image on my microSD card, put it in and turned on the power. Unfortunately, nothing happens. I took it apart, and plugged into the serial console to see what was happening. Below is the uart output. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Thank you so much DDR version 1.15 20190428 ID:0xFFF In DDR3 333MHz