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  1. 01_dtbdump_rockchip,rk3328-evb.dts Hi I have been working for a while in order to get wifi working on my H96+.From the Android dts the wifi chip is ap6330. And it has a strange silk screen . I see that this driver is included in the firmware. But I still can't make it work.Should I change some settings in dts? Or I need to recompile the entire firmware? I have read some of the contents of Rockchip's official website. Can you tell me how to build my own firmware?And the dts file is here.
  2. I find ap6330 is supported by this system and bin file has aldreay in the fireware. I just don't know how to make it work. Do I need to change some files ? Maybe some path?
  3. Hi@hexdump , yestoday I read your suggestion up. And I saw your dts files, and read some suggestion about how to my own dtb. In fact my dtb is based on your t9 dtb. Can you tell me some details to make the wifi work with dts. I have worked 3 days for this problem. Thank you . And here is my orginal dts from Android. 01_dtbdump_rockchip,rk3328-evb.dts
  4. OK, I think it is almost working , but I think I missed some details. I get the dtb file from an running Android os, and the wireless chip is ap6330, hs2734 is just a over layer on this chip. I have change the dtb for ubuntu . I found this chip has been supported by Armbian. which is brcmfmac-ap6330,right ? It is in the firmware. But still it is not work .Anyone knows if I miss something? Or make a mistake? And here is my dts file. Thank you. rk3328test.dts
  5. Thanks balbes150 .Your img is wonderful . I have successed in boot up with SD card. If I want to installation in eMMC,I must create a full backup of eMMC,right? I have a H96 max + box(RK3328+4/64GB+HS2734C) and the eMMC is too large. Can I just overwrite the emmc without backup ? The Android img for my box can be download from the internet. In fact I have tried just overwrite, not success. BTW does anyone has the same box have made Wifi works? My ratio is HS2734C. I am a newer in this os but have some experience in other linux , can you tell me how can I make the wifi work. Thanks. OK, the box has a strange dev , when I fdisk -l on my box I got emmc2,and emmc0,not emmc1 and emmc0, so I changed the create-mbr-linux.sh and install.sh, it works. And the only problem is wifi, I'm tring to get it from the android img.
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