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  1. Hardware setup :: Olimex Lime 2 Rev.k + 7" LCD + 5V power supply through the power jack. No battery is connected to the lime 2 board. Problem :: when the board boots up, the xfce power manager shows that the Battery is connected and it's in charging mode. The current charge value of the battery changes randomly like 92%, 56% and etc. When it reaches 0% the board will shut down. It completes the shut down procedure. The following is the terminal output, to find the battery status. Even though the battery is not connected you can observe that it returns the Voltage and re
  2. I am using Olimex Lime 2 Emmc Rev.k for a project. One of the Boards shuts down randomly. Its not a freeze or a sudden power down of the board. The board undergoes a complete shut down procedure. I checked the log entries in /var/log/syslog log file. There is a entry of board going to shut down but I couldn't find the reason for shut down. Is there a way to find out if the board got shut down because of the Power-button press, shutdown command from a SSH client, shutdown because of temperature or shutdown because of under voltage ? Is there a log file i
  3. How to disable the Serial Console log in LCD during the U-Boot stage? I am using Lime2 Rev.K board "A20-OLinuXino-LIME2-e4Gs16M" with a 7" LCD. Image used is "Armbian_5.89 with Ubuntu bionic". There is a serial console log displayed on the LCD during the U-Boot stage which stays on for a brief period of less than 5 seconds.