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  1. never mind, it is new thing. i have to keep up with the trends. using su - solves it on to the next problem (.=> rtl8188e_iol_efuse_patch errors, no wireless)
  2. My mistake, this is not fixed. if i login as root the path is correct for root. if i login as user the path is correct for user. if i su from user to root, the path stays set for user. i think it has something to do with /etc/profile but i don't know how su interacts with it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- root@nanopi:/home/james# cat /etc/armbian.txt | head -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Armbian 5.91 Nanopi-r1 Debian buster next Kernel: Linux 4.19.59 Build date: 16.07.2019 Maintainer: Igor Pecovnik <igor.pecovnik@****l.com> Authors: https://www.armbian.com/authors Sources: https://github.com/armbian/ Support: https://forum.armbian.com/ Changelog: https://www.armbian.com/logbook/ Documantation: https://docs.armbian.com/ james@nanopi:~$ james@nanopi:~$ $PATH -bash: /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games: No such file or directory james@nanopi:~$ su Password: root@nanopi:/home/james# $PATH bash: /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games: No such file or directory root@nanopi:/home/james#
  3. Problem was fixed by rebooting. It was something in the initial setup scripts did not finish. It took several reboots to finish.
  4. Armbian 5.90 Orangepi-r1 Debian buster next kernal was upgraded to 4.19.62 using aptitude (not that that matters) armbian-config wont run because it wants dpkg-reconfigure which in /usr/sbin which in not in the path. where dose this get set ? root@orangepi:/home/james# $PATH bash: /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games: No such file or directory root@orangepi:/home/james#
  5. How to reproduce. MY mistake, it is a R1 not lite image is Armbian_5.90_Orangepi-r1_Debian-buster_next_4.19.57.img Date of file is July5at 15:33 Flash to SD. monut as loop. /etc/armbian.txt armbain5.90 kernel 4.19.57 ls -l /bin/ping -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 47704 Aug 3 2018 /bin/ping Boot image in a r1 (no internet access) configure root configure user login as root ls -l /bin/ping -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 47704 Aug 3 2018 /bin/ping can ping as root. ---- because of no internet access (enterprise network) i cant use armbian-config create file in lan /etc/network/interfaces.d auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address network netmask gateway --bring it up ifup eth0 ... no errors as root can ping debian.org (wierd did not touch resolv.conf) root@orangepi:/home/james# armbianmonitor -u System diagnosis information will now be uploaded to no results to fetchPlease post the URL in the forum where you've been asked for. root@orangepi:/home/james# aptiude, install upgrades, update to kernal 4.19.62, rebooted had several crashes, had to power down twice. both put massive pages of stuff. might be power related.
  6. working on getting data back. The device is not online because too many external firewalls are in the way. so everything needs to be hand copied.
  7. can not ping as user, pinging as root works. kernel 4.19.62 tried.. ping ping: socket: operation not permitted ping 1 ping: socket: operation not permitted ... as root: /sbin/getcap /bin/ping nothing set to fix it as root: chmod u+s /bin/ping pinging as user works. opps. using orange pi lite.