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  1. Yes, using glrun gives the same DDK error...
  2. Hello, I'm testing with a fresh armbian bionic install on rockpi4b (flashing bionic , then running `sudo apt upgrade`) During install script I select only 'System', 'Devel', and 'GL4ES'. Installation succeeds and I reboot. I then try running both `glxinfo` and `glxgears` from mesa-utils. glxgears reports "libGL error: failed to load driver: rockchip" and falls back to llvmpipe renderer. Attempting to run LD_LIBRARY_PATH set yields and error": $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/gl4es/ glxgears LIBGL: Initialising gl4es ... ERROR: The DDK is not compatible with any of the Mali GPUs on the system. The DDK was build for 0x860 r2p0 status range [0..15], but none of the GPUs matched: ... Any suggestions on working around this?
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