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  1. Rajesh Sorry that was my bad. The .copy file is simply that, a saved copy of the original general-armbian-boot-logo-on-screen-center.patch and should never have been mentioned above. Please ignore any reference to it!
  2. Thanks Igor. I already have u-boot working with a splash screen and no text. It's the kernel boot that is the problem. I found the Plymouth forum topic and tried to implement it on my OrangPi PC Plus but it failed to boot once I had installed it, along with the themes, and had run init-ramfs. Perhaps more investigation required to make Plymouth work. When I get some time I'll have a look at it.
  3. It been a while since I have made custom images for the OrangePi PC Plus so things have changed a bit in the intervening period. First I made the development environment change to Ubuntu Focal, then changes to a couple of patch files to bring them into line with the new u-boot and kernel versions however I have simply lost the ability to display an Armbian splash screen during boot. In the past I had patched general-armbian-boot-logo-on-screen-center.patch and general-armbian-boot-logo-on-screen-center copy.patch to show the splash screen I required however now these patches are this patch is no longer even referenced during the build process. Now, after the build, even with logo=enabled in armbianEnv.txt (this is also probably been superseded during the last year) I have no splash screen during kernel boot. So just in case it was my build, I downloaded the latest Buster server build (Linux 5.4.20-sunxi) and edited armbvianEnv.txt to enable the logo. No joy, still no splash screen. Is there something I've missed? Trawling through the forums has not found any information that I can find. Has the splash screen been lost during the process of updating the kernel, or am I just being dense?
  4. Just for information for anyone that has this problem... I never did find out what dependency was causing this issue but I did fid a solution. In the end I copied the source files to the virtual environment while making the OrangePi PC Plus Buster system image along with the various installations, libraries etc. and made it in situ before finalising the image. I didn't actually think this was possible but it's working. After the make simply cleaning out the source files and directories and removing the gcc build essentials (not strictly necessary) leaves an up-to-date image with working applications.
  5. Thanks for the reply Igor. I realise that Armbian is just a wrapper for the hardware. I was just hoping that someone somewhere had come across this and had solved it. Debian 10x "Buster" does the same. I'll try changing my development environment to match the client one. I'm just putting it off because it's not a quick or easy job. I'll post if I find a solution.
  6. Orange Pi PC+ I have been using an image generated in 2019 (based on Debian 9) to develop code for a project. On the development machine it works well. I moved it to a machine running a custom Armbian build (simply having removed drivers that weren't necessary - sound etc. - and requiring that u-boot not search USB devices before starting the kernel) that was based on the same version (reported as Debian 9). It worked as expected. No probalme there then. Yesterday I rebuilt the Armbian image (now based on Debian 9.12), loaded it on to the client machine and went to run the software. I now get the error; "Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-version.c: 224: _dl_check_map_versions: Assertion `needed != NULL' failed!' If I backtrack and use an old build image (bear in mind that these were built in exactly the same way so only the base OS is different) the software works. So, what is causing this error? Something changes in the Debian base, or something added recently? Anyone know of a solution to this? I have seen several solutions that suggest referencing pthread.h (it's already in use in the program), putting the library -lpthread in the make file (already there) and using at least one function (as I said, it's already in use) so obviously that solution is a non-starter for me.
  7. For those that have reached here trying to remove output text from u-boot the old patch no longer works. The patch below works as of August 2019, however u-boot may change in the future. diff --git a/include/configs/sunxi-common.h b/include/configs/sunxi-common.h --- a/include/configs/sunxi-common.h +++ b/include/configs/sunxi-common.h @@ -461,13 +461,13 @@ extern int soft_i2c_gpio_scl; #ifdef CONFIG_VIDEO #define CONSOLE_STDOUT_SETTINGS \ - "stdout=serial,vga\0" \ - "stderr=serial,vga\0" + "stdout=serial\0" \ + "stderr=serial\0" #elif CONFIG_DM_VIDEO #define CONFIG_SYS_WHITE_ON_BLACK #define CONSOLE_STDOUT_SETTINGS \ - "stdout=serial,vidconsole\0" \ - "stderr=serial,vidconsole\0" + "stdout=serial\0" \ + "stderr=serial\0" #else #define CONSOLE_STDOUT_SETTINGS \ "stdout=serial\0" \