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  1. Dear @balbes150 Thank you. I followed your instruction and sound worked correctly.
  2. Hi all, I installed latest image on my X96Max. I have issue with sound. After first time, sound works correctly with HDMI. But today sound does not work. I only see dummy device on output device list. Is any suggestion? Thank you very much!
  3. Thanks @hexdump for your support.. I used your method and it worked (my memory card has broken so other error occurred but I fixed it)
  4. Hello all, Can someone help me? I tried to install latest image from @balbes150 to X96Max (S905X2) https://yadi.sk/d/pHxaRAs-tZiei/5.91_20190802 My procedure and error is (I am using Windows 10): Download image from above link and extract using 7z to .img file Use Etcher to write image to MicroSD Card Plug in card to TVBox Open "Update" app on TVBox, select manual update After this step, the system is restarted with error E: footer is wrong E: Signature verification failed E: error: 21 Please tell me if you have any idea to resolve this issue. Thank in advance
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