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  1. Unfortunately for me I've gone all in. I've removed the previous device and I don't have so much storage lying around that I can spend another 24+hours transferring my data off to somewhere only to copy it back to another solution. Please replace the power supply and I will make due. Lesson learned on my part.
  2. I think "assuming you could make one huge partition" is quite normal in the context of NAS after 2005. Is a partition over 16TB "huge" in your mind? Have you EVER used RAID in an office before in your life? Do you know how much storage today's SINGLE drives can support now? Are you from the past? Great put that on every page where you advertise 48TB storage. Like I said before there is no person who thinks of a NAS claiming 48TB of storage who also expects to create multiple 32bit size limitation friendly partitions. You DO realize we no longer use FAT16 right? This IoT toy device is so useless you cannot even use it for RAID where the result is >16TB because it CANNOT HANDLE A SINGLE VOLUME OVER 16TB. You will always hit this limitation if you use disks over 4TB in size. Think about that. This device can support RAID only if you limit your individual drive sizes to 4TB. Are you aware of the sizes of today's individual drives? My 4 year old PHONE has a 64bit processor and supports >16TB drives. Every 64bit NAS will support >16TB partitions and I think its ridiculous that you're claiming that RAID5 is "not very recommended". RAID5 is very common especially for a NAS with only 4 disks. I'm really not interested in having to explain typical NAS/RAID usage after the year 1990 again, but the TL;DR is I'm very unhappy with this helios4 advertising 48TB while knowing full well the limitations of 32bit and pretending common RAID levels are bad. Having a faulty power supply really drives the point home that I wasted my money. Next time I will be willing to shell out more dough for a synology which does indeed have 64bit support. Like all contemporary computing devices. This is a device that was SUPPOSED to replace another system whose purpose was NAS/NFS. I've LOST functionality with this purchase and for the moment will have to make due.
  3. Once gain my helios4 has REBOOTED because the power cord was touched by an ethernet cord. Guys... if I lose my data I'm going to be very very angry. I want a power cord replacement ASAP
  4. @gprovost My power cord is flush with a small bit of silver showing just like your picture. However moving it does indeed turn the unit off! I need a new power cable. What is the process for getting this?
  5. Perfect. Everything is snug. I'm a little worried about the power cable being damaged and me losing data.
  6. When I move the power cord that powers the helios 4 the damn thing will suddenly turn off. Do I have a faulty power cable? Or have I not jammed the board-end connector in hard enough? Keep in mind you can't really apply much force on that tiny board mounted inside plastic since there's nothing to brace it with. I'm sure its in well enough its just when I move the cable to a less cluttered part of the desk that suddenly the power stops flowing. This is becoming an issue since I have a lot of important data on this thing. Any ideas?
  7. Your suggested workaround is not good enough. So I wont bother explaining why your completely round-about nonsense side stepping the actual issue is in fact idiotic. You want a LINK? Go to the website and open your eyes. Here is a sample: If you sell NAS and says 48+TB storage it IMPLIES 48+TB storage. Who will read that and say "Wow 48+TB as 12TB individual disks! Can't wait to use this as a NAS solution!"? Your attempt to invalidate common sense with technical side stepping is bullshit. Because your doctor didn't EXPLICITLY say he or she wouldnt leave a spoon inside your anus after an operation doesn't mean its fair to find one there afterwards you tool. There are certain common sense assumptions that are perfectly legitimate in various contexts. Anyway I have nothing more to add.
  8. Yes and they indicate this limitation quite clearly. 64bit NAS are quite common now as a result. Had their been PROPER labeling of this issue on the product page vs the GLEAMING 48TB claims BS I'd have invested MORE on a NAS thats actually useful. I'm quite sure noone cares how some will use NAS for non NAS purposes. If you say NAS the vast majority of people think RAID and many disks. RAID as well as many disks QUICKLY RUNS INTO THE 16TB LIMITATION. I cannot believe how little care is given about this. Hiding this limitation on a forum where people have already been duped and then claiming "hey its there somewhere so its cool" is typical malicious garbage. You know damned well the pages advertising this "nas" has NO mention of it while it definitely claims 48+TB storage! Only for a nice surprise to those who purchase it looking to get anything higher than 16TB. I've been rebuilding and copying data for 4 days now and I still have 18HOURS TO GO. And thats just because of double parity on raid6. Which I dont even want but have to make due with thanks to malicious marketing. Its irresponsible to advertise 48+TB on your "nas" while KNOWING ITS LIMITED TO 16TB. Who the hell would kickstart a NAS TODAY THAT IS LIMITED TO 16TB STORAGE? Answer: JUST LIE ABOUT ITS STORAGE AND NOT FIND OUT! GOOD JOB MARKETING.
  9. There is no accusation. Just the basic fact that a 32bit OS cannot process over 16TB of storage. LVM will not help in this case. Unless users are expected to use all four disks as separate drives without RAID there is no realistic way to use this "nas" solution. Noone will use a "NAS" without RAID. Its 2019 FFS what user will raid modern disks and use LESS than 16TB? There is ZERO use for this. If there was 500pt blinking RED text on the pages that lead to a purchase saying CANNOT EXCEED 16TB people would be made aware of these limitations. I would never have purchased this had I known this. I have purchased 4x6TB drives that I have to use raid6 on resulting in ~10TB instead of what I wanted with raid5 resulting in ~16TB. I have gone from my current old NAS capacity of 8TB to 10TB after purchasing this "NAS" + Disks! 24TB down to 10! Does that seem like a huge waste of money to you? It does to me
  10. Can you people explain to me how you advertise on almost every page 48+TB storage fully knowing there is a 16TB limitation on all filesystems thanks to limitations on 32bit? I will not use whatever MERGEFS is. How exactly do you achieve 48TB storage as I currently have 4x6TB disks that I CANNOT USE. If you can't I want a refund.
  11. After creating a raid 6 array and creating a filesystem on it I decided to switch to a raid 5 instead. So i re-created the array and after that was done mkfs.ext4 fails every time. The error I get is: Having to wait for the arrays to be created TWICE now has taken my entire weekend! The armbianmonitor didn't work with the following output: root@helios4:/home/user# armbianmonitor -u System diagnosis information will now be uploaded to no results to fetchPlease post the URL in the forum where you've been asked for. Can anyone help me determine why this error is happening? It'd be much appreciated!