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  1. I noted that exist some new IMGs of Armbian 5.14 for CB2, so I put the one with legacy kernel in a SD just to find that the video playback is still broken Seems that desktop in Armbian has no love.
  2. Hi rella, I have a tvbox, but i always used the cubieboard2 stuff. The "some problems" also exist without fullscreen, all the stuff in the monitor (desktop and video surface) will have some movement. With I also have the same result as your 'for_master_upstream' branch, it will show the video in the window but in fullscreen it will not resize the video. I also have the "some problems" with your 3 branchs (dev,master,for_upstream_master) of libvdpaud that I tested.
  3. Hi rella, I tested that branch but im my system it doesn't work well, in a video window I only see a black solid with some noise, in full screen I'm able to see the video, but theres also, some problems.
  4. - removed the libvdpau-sunxi, - compiled and installed libcsptr (hxxps://, - compiled and installed libvdpau-sunxi (hxxps:// and the video playback works again.
  5. It's really sad to see that the problem continues, I'm forced to stay in Armbian 5.10 to be able to use video playback. I will try to find to find the problem, but my knowledge maybe small for such task. EDIT: with system uptodate the problem still exist, if I decode a video by software it play fine, if I play with VDPAU the video will get dark. If I downgrade linux-image-sun7i (sudo apt-get install linux-image-sun7i=5.10) the VDPAU will work again without problem. May it be a kernel problem?
  6. I started using armbian just a few days ago, I used the cb2 image. When I updated from 5.10 to 5.11 when I play a video, the video surface is darker, for example, instead of white I get grey. Just to be sure I put armbian 5.10 in another SD and videos played well, them update to armbian 5.11 and had the same problem with video playback. Does someone have any idea what is the problem? Until the problem is solved, how can I downgrade my armbian 5.11 to 5.10? Thanks. EDIT: I downloaded and installed the 5.10 pkgs: armbian-hostapd_5.10_armhf.deb linux-firmware-image-su