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  1. Good news! Did you manage to do this only for Kodi or also for MPV? In any case, I will be glad to your tutorial.
  2. I am convinced that so many people will be very grateful to you if you make a successful guide on how to run Cedrus + ffmpeg + MPV + Kodi on an ordinary distribution with the Mainline kernel like Armbian, even if it requires some hacks.
  3. Hello all. I spent several days trying to launch Cedrus on Armbian with the Mainline kernel. But i did not achieve any success: vainfo shows that "everything is fine," but the VLC and others are throwing errors. I tried with armbian-dev kernel 5.3.0 (recompiled with Cedar enabled) and with BOOTLIN kernel 5.0 - the result is the same. Why is the Cedar and v4l2_request so easy to use in the LibreELEC project with Mainline kernel ( https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/17565-nightly-images-for-a64-h3-and-h6-boards/ )? How is it possible to port? Or is it all because of Kodi? If manage to get hardware acceleration of video and 3D to work in Armbian on H3, then some Orange Pi boards will become an excellent mini-desktops. But for some reason no one is doing this, although all the components would seem to be ready... I wish I had enough experience and knowledge to build it all together.