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  1. With this driver the problem keeps; I found that the file ieee80211.h compiled with GCC v5 presents the error, in this case is necesary to modify some lines in this file.
  2. I found the solution: This problem occurs when compiled with GCC v5, to fix them I change in include ieee80211.h file: (extern to static) static __inline int is_multicast_mac_addr(const u8 *addr) { return ((addr[0] != 0xff) && (0x01 & addr[0])); } static __inline int is_broadcast_mac_addr(const u8 *addr) { return ((addr[0] == 0xff) && (addr[1] == 0xff) && (addr[2] == 0xff) && \ (addr[3] == 0xff) && (addr[4] == 0xff) && (addr[5] ==
  3. Hi, I follow this steps to build a wireless driver: linux-headers-3.4.113-sun8i headers are installed cd git clone cd rtl8192cu-fixes make ARCH=arm but the build has errors: please help me to fix it best regards, Nelson
  4. I use DWService, they uses a browser, installs via sh script....
  5. Hello to all, after plug a CDC device (Honeywell 1900 USB scanner), only one USB port on orange pi pc board works, I use 10 orange pi boards, the problem is only present int two of this boards. I notice that when I plug the CDC device alone the other ports not to work, but when I connect the CDC with another devices (mouse, keyboards) the problem is not present. I reinstall the img and the problem persists. The two USB ports not to work anymore. I think that is a hardware problem because the 5V in the two USB ports are not present, and the plugged devices not to work!