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  1. I want to test some features with diff. kernels and create a custom image. I compiled an image with The process finished successfully and the image was created properly. I copied the DTB binary file ( meson-gxl-s905d-ki-plus.dtb my device ) into dtb folder and modified uEnv.ini, but the device doesn't start, it is always rebooting. Did I skip any step? Any advice? Thanks in advance
  2. First of all, great job @balbes150 Device: S905D 1GB RAM AP6255 WIFI + DVB T/S I built with your tools and kernels an image with kernel 3.14, and kernel 5.2. Excellent work mate. Mali GPU was not detected but now, using is ok I've found who is doing a great job developing v4l2 driver. Using lsmod, I can see v4l2_m2m, meson_vdec... but when I use mpv to play any video is using CPU until 100%. I've read a lot information about video decoding in Amlogic SoC on Linux, but seeing Maxime on , I think it is possible hw acceleration, right? Should I change kernel config? Do I forget anything? Any advice? Thank you in advance.