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  1. I want to test some features with diff. kernels and create a custom image. I compiled an image with https://github.com/chewitt/linux/tree/linux-5.1-amlgx. The process finished successfully and the image was created properly. I copied the DTB binary file ( meson-gxl-s905d-ki-plus.dtb my device ) into dtb folder and modified uEnv.ini, but the device doesn't start, it is always rebooting. Did I skip any step? Any advice? Thanks in advance
  2. First of all, great job @balbes150 Device: S905D 1GB RAM AP6255 WIFI + DVB T/S I built with your tools and kernels an image with kernel 3.14, and kernel 5.2. Excellent work mate. Mali GPU was not detected but now, using https://github.com/superna9999/meson_gx_mali_450/tree/DX910-SW-99002-r9p0-01rel0_meson_gx is ok I've found https://github.com/Elyotna/linux/tree/5.2/v4l2-m2m-pr who is doing a great job developing v4l2 driver. Using lsmod, I can see v4l2_m2m, meson_vdec... but when I use mpv to play any video is using CPU until 100%. I've read a lot information about video decoding in Amlogic SoC on Linux, but seeing Maxime on https://embedded-recipes.org/2018/talk/upstream-multimedia-on-amlogic-socs-from-fiction-to-reality/ , I think it is possible hw acceleration, right? Should I change kernel config? Do I forget anything? Any advice? Thank you in advance.
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