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  1. What lastest version of Armbian are you using? And which dtb that allows you to oc to 1.3GHz? Thanks in advance.
  2. As you see the timestamp, I just freshly install the system and copy your dtb to the /boot, then install the script sbc-bench.sh, run it. After it finish, came to this post and wrote a result. I have not done any stability test yet. But if you have any recommended test, I'd love to do it now. However, 2 years ago, I test the board BPi M1 on Armbian 5.25, my board is only stable at 1.152GHz. So any suggestion for pushing its limitation, I will do it.
  3. Thank you so much djdeeles, your comment is very helpful, directly solved into the problem, better than someone's answer (not pointed out the main issue for regular user, who not have much experience like him). By the way, I just tried with your dtb on Armbian Buster sbc-bench v0.7.5 LeMaker Banana Pi (Sun, 06 Dec 2020 06:24:37 +0000) Distributor ID: Debian Description: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) Release: 10 Codename: buster This is the result of sbc-bench v0.7.5 from tkaiser github: http://ix.io/2GOK I am not sure if your dtb is from Debian 9 or 10 image,
  4. Did you read his updated post for 4.19.y? He mentioned that he had to create some .deb file because of the missing kernel-headers in the new kernel... Worth trying it?
  5. Is there anyone has successful in getting Banana Pi (Armbian 4.19.62-sunxi) overclocking at 1.152GHz ? Please guide me how to do it. Thank you so much. I have tried to search for how to edit uboot, and find a post about Building Armbian. In the github, I find this file: build/config/sources/sun7i.conf, in there, has this section: case $BRANCH in default) KERNELSOURCE='https://github.com/linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi' KERNELBRANCH='branch:sunxi-3.4' KERNELDIR='linux-sunxi' KERNEL_USE_GCC='> 5.0' CPUMAX=1010000 ;; next) CPUMAX=960000 ASOUND_STATE='asound.state.sunxi-nex
  6. Thanks for your assistance. I know the knowledge are out there, but I have not found a right way to see them. My knowledge in this stuff is just as beginning, so ... sorry if I was disturbing you.
  7. Yeah cause I know mine will work as I have used it on older version of Armbian, 5.25 to be exact. But when I decide to upgrade, I'm stuck at this. So any help would be appreciate. By the way, is the file I am using correct /boot/dtb-4.19.62-sunxi/sun7i-a20-bananapi.dtb ?
  8. After choosing that file, I edited it as below: cpus { #address-cells = <0x1>; #size-cells = <0x0>; cpu@0 { compatible = "arm,cortex-a7"; device_type = "cpu"; reg = <0x0>; clocks = <0x2 0x14>; clock-latency = <0x3b9b0>; operating-points = <0x124f80 0x16e360 0x119400 0x16e360 0x10d880 0x162010 0x101d00 0x162010 0xf6180 0x162010 0xea600 0x155cc0 0xdea80 0x155cc0 0xd2f00 0x149970 0xafc80 0x1312d0 0x80e80 0x118c30 0x4c2c0 0x10c8e0 0x23280 0x100590>; #cooling-cells = <0x2>; cpu-supply = <0x3>; phandle = <0x6>
  9. Hi there, I must have missed that when tried to figure out, probably because it showing in H5 & A64 subforum so I just automatically ignored it. Thanks for pointing out. However, when I do the command dtc -I dtb -O dts /boot/dtb-4.19.62-sunxi/sun7i-a20-bananapi.dtb -o /root/sun7i-a20-bananapi.dts It showing this error: So I don't know what happen? My board is the very first one Banana Pi M1.
  10. Hi enthusiast, Last few year I used Armbian 5.25, which allow me to echo cpufreq into /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_***_freq to choose the overclock freq. However, last week, I had to disconnect the power and the Banana Pi didn't boot again. So I decided to install a fresh updated version of Armbian, which is called Bionic. The /proc/version shows: Linux version 4.19.62-sunxi (root@armbian.com) (gcc version 7.4.1 20181213 [linaro-7.4-2019.02 revision 56ec6f6b99cc167ff0c2f8e1a2eed33b1edc85d4] (Linaro GCC 7.4-2019.02)) #5.92 SMP Wed Jul 31 22:07:23 CEST 2019