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  1. armbianEnv.txt by default is: I tried booting like this and modifying rootdev with the uuid of my sata disk. boot.cmd is: I add a pick with uboot version (says something about bad crcs) EDIT: should i be able to boot if a do a clean flash on my sd with diskimage writer? Will that make me lose my system as it is (system is in the sata disk)? EDIT2: ok, i decided to flash my sd card with a clean image and system booted again (from sd). Then i modified boot.cmd and compiled boot.scr and also modified armbianEnv.txt and managed to boot from my HDD with all my files, so problem solved. Thank you for trying to help me again.
  2. Hi, thank you for trying to help me. Yes i had armbian since many time ago, from Wheezy to now stretch. I copied all the contents from the boot folder of the clean downloaded image to my boot folder on my sd card but i still dont manage to boot it. Here are some pics. Sorry for the quality, i didnt managed to make them better. One shows the files on my boot folder on my sd card, and the other the boot sequence when it fails and doesnt boot. At first it says unable to read /boot/boot.env (i didnt get it in the pic) But i dont have that file. EDIT: used armbianEnv.txt to make a boot.env with uuid of my sata hdd but didn't boot :/
  3. -Yes, my system was already in my sata drive. -I was on previous armbian version, kernel version was 4.14. something ( i will have to look again into it to be more specific). Im on windows right now so the attached image does not show symlinks and that, if you want i can get a better screenshot from a livecd. EDIT: Just downloaded latest armbian stretch armbian image and saw that many of the files i need are there, will try to copy them but i think i still miss the script.bin file (it pointed to /boot/bin/bananapi.bin)
  4. Hi, Please, i am seeking for some help. Today i just did an apt-get dist-upgrade and my banana pi updated the kernel to 4.19.13. There wasnt any error messages but then i wasnt able to boot. I get messages like "/boot/zImage file not found" so i checked my sdcard (wich cointains the boot folder) and i saw that zImage was symlink to the previous kernel image (wich no longer existed). I corrected it cause in fact there was a vmlinuz-4.19.13-sunxi but there are some more symlinks broken in boot foolder. UInitrd is also broken and i dont have the appropiate file to make a new symlink, script.bin symlink is also broken (it pointed to /boot/bin/bananapi.bin wich dont exists anymore on my system) Can i repair the boot folder in any way? Can somebody with the same board provide me that files? Basically all the boot folder with kernel 4.19.13-sunxi or if anyone can explain me a way to boot again...
  5. Hi, Since latest update just a few days ago (Linux bananapi 4.5.5-sunxi) , the bananpi keeps telling me this: [ 5 updates to install: apt-get upgrade] . When i try to upgrade there arent anything to upgrade. In did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and nothing to upgrade. I manually execute /etc/update-motd/40-updates and its true that it says that there are 5 updates. So there must be something there that its not chaning. Any tips on this? EDIT: ok i just fixed this by manually editing the file /var/cache/apt/archives/updates.number and setting it to 0 but i think this should be automatic and it wasn't working for some reason. (seemed like the script wasn't updating that file).