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  1. I still can't figure out to make USB OTG to work. Anything new on this topic? I can understand that USB OTG isn't a high-demand feature. If you guys have any new input/ideas, that would be highly appreciated.
  2. I changed the mode to HOST on the TinkerOS, but without success. I started a thread in the Tinkerboard Forum to discuss this topic on there. I'll take a look at it, but I'm not to familiar with this kind of stuff, I would say... What should the regulator do or what is it good for?
  3. Which device are you using? I changed the mode in the device tree, but nothing is happening... I used both the latest legacy and mainline kernel image download for the tinkerboard. This is the cable i use:
  4. Yeah both can transfer data with the microUSB connector. I used an android os to test and on both Tinkerboard/S mass storage works like on any phone. But as soon as i tried my OTG cable the system froze. I found a post on the tinkerboard forum about this and they said the OVP/UVP is the problem if the tinkerboard needs to support the usb device with 5V. (My USB Hub has an external power source and does not need power from the tinkerboard) Here's the link to the thread: I set t
  5. So i guess the Tinkerboard S is more likely to work rather than the Tinkerboard. Maybe if i get the Tinkerboard to work as an USB-Gadget first and then try to switch it to host mode.
  6. Hello! I would like to know if it is possible to use the microUSB-Connector for connecting a USB device (a 7-port USB hub in my case)? My Tinkerboard is powered through the GPIO pins, so i don't use the microUSB for power input. Is it even possible from the hardware architecture of the board? Do i need some extra kernel packages and/or USB OTG to make it work? Thanks in advance, aElmecker