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    callegar reacted to jock in CSC Armbian for RK3318/RK3328 TV box boards   
    It depends upon your actual board and how much it is well built.
    Keeping all the emmc options off is the most stable but also the slowest setting.
    Enabling DDR or HS200 modes may improve the eMMC throughput a lot, but may also make your eMMC not work anymore and depends upon your board quality.
    Despite eMMC declare their supported modes and kernel is perfectly able to select the best suited, it is not possible to resort to automatic selection because of the board quality.
    HS200 mode is preferred over DDR.
    rk3318-config is telling you: select the board configuration looking on the markings of the board. The right configuration solve problems with devices detection like leds, wifi, bluetooth and improve general stability
    You have to open the box and look at the signature of the board: that is the "name' of the board. Most external devices of the boards (emmc, sdcard, infrared receiver, USB ports, HDMI, etc...) are usually wired to the same GPIO pins to the SoC described in the reference design. This is the base configuration.
    Some manufacturers wire other devices (leds, but also wifi, and others too) in a different way, so you need to fix the configuration for specific boards, hence you need to select the right one here.
    If your board is not in the list, it means that nobody (actually me) has ever made a configuration for your specific board, so use the Generic option.
    There is no 'trial and error" here, you have to know the board name, otherwise stick to generic one.
    About the leds, I don't know your setup, but after first rk3318-config run, the main led is configured as "power on".
    The behavior can be easily changed setting the appropriate trigger in /sys/class/leds/working/trigger file (see google for that, "working" is the name of the led).
    I hope so. I would like to merge soon, but it depends upon the compatibility reports that are posted here.
    Could be useful, yes. Useful also are photos of the board to identify the signature and chips.
    I don't think it is possible to tag single posts. It would not useful though: the board you find inside the box is not always the same.
    We have seen that tv boxes with the same commercial name may contain different boards.
    That's the reason because rk3318-config does not list boards per commercial name (H96Max+, HK1, T95P, ...) but per board signature.
    Normally you don't need to read all the posts of the thread: the first post is regularly updated with all the information needed for newcomers and board specialties are integrated into rk3318-config to make life easier as soon as new boards appear.
    A good idea though is to read the last couple of pages of the thread to quickly get updated to the latest bits. The whole thread will give you the idea of the progress, but a post about your board of one or two years ago will probably be outdated and not so useful. First page is always the source of truth.
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    callegar got a reaction from fabiobassa in CSC Armbian for RK3318/RK3328 TV box boards   
    H96Max+ here.
    Just installed following your instructions. Works amazingly well and was amazingly easy, particularly after having read around on other forums that for RK3328 there is no HDMI support and that I should have opened the box to get to the serial pins! Thank you all for this great work!
    I am going to use the device as a micro server, so I am not testing any graphical desktop.  Quite happy to see that USB3, WIFI, Ethernet, all appear to work out of the box.
    Have just a few questions to which someone having the same box may be able to answer:
    1. What is the appropriate answers for the EMMC configuration in rk3318-config?
    2. What is the appropriate configuration for the LED? I am puzzled by the fact that the led functionality seems to be better in the multitool than in the OS itself. In multitool the red led stays on and the blue one appears to flash to indicate activity. In the OS, the red led stays on all the time and the blue one stays off all the time.  The "conf3" seems to hang the machine at boot.
    Furthermore, I have a question about the kernel packages.
    - As instructed, I have put on hold the upgrade of kernel, kernel headers and dtb packages from apt. Is it expected that the official armbian kernel will include rk3318 and rk3328 support in the future? This seems important to me in terms of future maintainability of the box.
    During the installation, I have dumped my firmware using multitool (an Android 8.something, if I remember properly). Would it be useful if I tried to extract the dtb from it, or is the dtb of the stock H96Max+ already well known to you?
    A very minor suggestion from someone getting onto this great forum for the first time (hence something that could either be totally useless for naivety or maybe useful as representative of an initial impression, you judge). Threads regarding multiple boxes sharing the same fundamental hardware, such as this one may easily become very large and it is hard and trying to go through them it is sometimes hard to understand if something is general or if it refers to a specific box and if so which one.  Being able to tag the messages with the specific piece of hardware they are about would ease reading immensely.