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  1. @nokirunner and others pardon if i say a totally dumb thing, but on legacy kernel there was a way to obtain both x org and accelerated things: was to EXIT xserver with a init 3 , go into a shell and from there , from cli, launch the appropriate video player with appropriate libraries. It is necessary to unload some dll and charge back some others. At least on 4.4 When it comes mainline kernel I hold my arms in air Again this is what PERSONALLY have understood ater 1.000.000 of post read
  2. @nokirunner 1) download the kernel headers and compile on the board itself, no cross compile. the board is powerfull enough to compile 2) ehmm.... that repository is another work of jock :-)
  3. Personally haven't a 3328 but most part of work on 3229 was " social engeneering" Is quite un-probabily that in rockchip have made 2 millions different bootloaders and/or 2 millions ddrbin for all the mostrous amount of chip they have Most probabily they have some generic that EARLY boot on 32 bit and some others that boot on 64 bit In effect most of code of 3229 was related to ancient 3036 so should NOT be that difficult adapt to your particular case !
  4. @Reddwarf what processor is inside that A5X ? Rockchip too ?
  5. @jaum20 oh, SMH , I missed the point that the dump itself is corrupted Well this is a chicken egg problem. Try this: unpack the firmware I send you (rk3229_8.1_MX1VR_SSV6256_zhongx_20180925_v002_Spectek.zip) with imgRePackerRK_106.zip you can find some post earlier You will obtain even recovery.img and system.img . Try to dd those parts on the board Just a test not sure if will work
  6. I have seen quite all kind of boards https://ibb.co/1m81xth and if you have the whole dump you can restore it with @jock multitool with a simple dd I guess
  7. I don't know if there is a limitation in reading less ram due wrong dtb. Sure if you have 2 giga and dtb is for 1giga it will read only 1g but I am not aware of the opposite . Sure @jock can be more precise on this. My shishion is 16 giga/1giga ssv6x5x and that firmware is ok on it Sorry no whole dump but a male male usb would definitely help you in reprogramming or if you still have original partitions ( boot trust resources etc etc ) you can unpack the firmware as DD it from Linux. But if your nand or emmc is erased I don't know a procedure for dding unless a whole dump The limitation about one post is because you are new on here I guess Would you post some photos of board for helping in recognizing it
  8. @jaum20 it was some post earlier https://chinagadgetsreviews.com/download-android-8-1-stock-firmware-for-scishion-model-x-tv-box.html and in particular http://download.appinthestore.com.s3.amazonaws.com/201811/Computer and network/2830928 SCISHION Model X TV box firmware ROM pack.rar if we speak of ssv 6x5x with android 8 and kernel 4.4.126 here we go
  9. @victroniko Ty for all tests, combinations, ideas you are experimenting/experiencing. People such as you and other great persons ( and this post is full of clever minds) are ALWAYS welcome. Cheers
  10. @victroniko But I putted here a tool for extracting pieces from androd tool may be it was not clear. you can use this imgRePackerRK_106.zip imgRePackerRK_106.zip
  11. @victroniko wow compliments for the idea of extracting the dtb via binwalk, a bit long but a ingenious idea !!imgRePackerRK_106.zip any way just for you and others here is a tool to unpack originals android roms It works under dos prompt and the sintax is imgRePackerRK.exe /2nd name_of_file.img hope it helps
  12. @DaviMesquita For those boxes is really a jungle !! Those Chinese tend to grab the first avaible cheap chip and put inside so a big variety of possibilities. @Jock contacted me and maybe now is the moment to " put hands " in this sluttish driver. @Ztrawberry the driver for ssv6051 doesn't suit sv 6x5x this is the problem and that project for a universal image is a nice idea but me and jock and other clever programmers ( the same man that bring libreelec to life on those boards @knaerzche ) own so many different boards that has been reached great maturity on rk 322x . Mostly bugs are well known ( ssv6x5x among others) and still working on them Of course support , ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated
  13. @DaviMesquita first of all let say my appreciation for your effort to bring cheap computers for people who hasn't access to better resources, this does justice to you. Those boxes are perfect for this purpose and the performances are overall good. Now straight to problems: nmtui wants NO arguments. Just NMTUI and you will have a pop up new window nmtui -connect is a unknown command Your wifi will NOT work unfortunately. We tried some ideas but the driver is incomplete so no luck.And the driver for 6051 wil NOT work . I can realize it is important but you have to use wired or with wifi dongle. We are waiting for new kernel release.. maybe we are more lucked. Last question I didn't understand. Do you want just know where download the rom or do you physically need it ? Cheers edit: https://chinagadgetsreviews.com/download-android-8-1-stock-firmware-for-scishion-model-x-tv-box.html and choose the amanonaws link
  14. @Luis have you tried the command startx is unusual that the x11 doesn't start automatically, maybe a fesh installation or jock's suggestions
  15. @nokirunner you should put in the env also an olive, some martini and mix, not shake ok other than this , yes would be anice idea have both , compliments for the idea