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  1. @megaduo Please would you be so kind to take some photos of the board ? @jock and me , we suspect one of the few we haven't tested in real environment thank you
  2. @megaduo for this kind of specific problems @jock is the one !!! wait till he answers
  3. @zero48 perfet is a godness you have electronic skills I suspect you have one fo the few, but very few hellish boards that use a particular trust os , so before attach any uart to ttl do this little test please: copy this trust os into your card, you will need linux thought SYNTAX is : dd if=/wheredoyouhavefile/trust-ddr2.img of=/dev/thisisyoursdcard/ seek=24576 so if for example your sd is sdc and you have this file in /home/zero48 the whole syntax will be dd if=/home/zero48/trust-ddr2.img of=/dev/sdc seek=24576 of course you must unzip first the fil
  4. @Flávio Lima Bom Dia Flavio, yes the forum is in english please be so kind to use that language. Despite of this I understand a bit portoguese so for your question and as far as I know rk322x board DO NOT HAVE 4 gb ram, almost at actual time the maximum I have seen is 2 giga Usually shishion 5G have 2 giga of ram
  5. @zero48 indeed the procedure that maker is suggesting you is correct and one of the best And really the booting sequence of those boards allow the box to boot from internal, search if exist a trustos and uboot on the card and then boot from the card if valid things are found. I guess android is working, or are you trying to boot with shorten pins and/or android erased ? If yes please revert to ideal cndition of android in place and working last question : have you sufficient skill to setup a uart converter to debug what is going on ? On that board solder a pl2303 is very easy
  6. @zero48 as already @Maker39 said you don 't need nothing to start from sd but the sd itself Mee too I always use win32disk imager so first extract the content of the xz file and burn it with win32imager
  7. @megaduo have you original firmware with wifi surely working? If yes can you extract the original dtb ?
  8. @zero48 Your board is one on which we worked a lot, is well known and totally and well supported in armbian. It has NAND so pay attention : you have to use stePnand for internal installation ; it has DDR3 upvto 768 MHz so is one of my favourites for his speed You will be very satisfied of it !!! Thank you for photos, cheers EDIT: Those lovely China producers.. It should be a 3228 with one or two giga of ram. Look at what they say .. 4 GB ram...... Anyway you can check those infos with the efuse and with " free" command.
  9. @zero48 Sure follow jock's suggestions and you will hit the goal. Your photos are on drive but request authorization for watching maybe better if you can make them public even to non Gmail users . Thise photos could help someone else
  10. @zero48 This sounds strange the moltitool itself is less than 200 mega so a normal sd of 4 giga should accomodate both the multitool itself and the image you want to transfer on the box. which method are you using to prepare the sd card ? balena etcher ? win32imager ? And how big is this sd card ? Cheers
  11. @valik228 I am glad everything is working and don't blame on yourself but little strange things happen with those boards. Well enjoy the new Linux tvbox
  12. @valik228 thanks for photos, i f you go on this same forum here : https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12656-csc-armbian-for-rk322x-tv-boxes/page/3/ exactly at post of maker39 you will see that your same board is tested as working with armbian So the problem is : wrong or defective sd , wrong method in creating image on sd. Have you skills with linux commands ? this is needed to copy the first 16 mega of emmc
  13. @jock arch sys counter...do you remember how many days ( and nights ) we spent about this @valik228 indeed the kernel is booting so the problem must be in wrong speed of ddrs or wrong trust environment. Could you so kind to give us some photos of the board or/and any lavel you have on it ? ( r239q or chiptrip or mx4vr and so on )
  14. As far I can see and undestand the 3ad is MOVED not closed ,as is easyly seen that we continue to post here. continue our discussion here, thanks
  15. @xwiggen is strange situation this !!! Please could you be so kind to boot with multitool and again check lsblk ?! Mostly 329q 4k I have seen with DDR3 had NAND . This is a unusual case and yes, it clearly says that emmc was not initialized mmc2 error while etc etc etc ..... Only a 3rd tool such as multitool can help to clear the situation