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  1. @rlukas210 hello and welcome on this 3ad would you be so kind to provide us some photos of your board , thank you so much ! And you are newbie so you must wait one day for replay ( forum rules )
  2. @dale since you are able to manage linux and linux command , you can enjoy yourself with a chron command too: a simple bash script that in the morning at 8:00 ( or when is usefull for you) does a echo default-on ( ot timer or heartbeat or cpu0 ) >>> /sys/class/leds/here_the_name_of_your_led/trigger and the at 20:00 ( or when is usefull for you) does a echo none ( ATTENTION: none and default on " could be inverted as logical but you will realize it by yourself ;-) ) >>> /sys/class/leds/put_here_your_led_name/trigger If you are electronic s
  3. @dale ty so much for sharing your experiments. This helps @jock and me to better understand behaviour of some boxes that haven't sd card reader , ddr3 and nand. The u-boot legacy we realized have some difficult to proper initialize the usb: it's random failure so quite difficult to debug, maybe jock will investigate further or/and rewrite some pieces of code to proper start USB subsystem but this requires it's time. For now we are glad your board is functional @Seth ty for sharing the dtb and your experiences, too
  4. @dale Glad everything is working . Later personally will investigate vwhy multitool doesn t work as expected And don't forget help good reputation of authors with a simple like, thanks ! @Seth What exactly do you want to achieve now? Maybe I missed something
  5. @Seth android producer put in modules folder usually 3 or 4 drivers for wifi they mostly use ( s9012, ssv6051 etc etc) s9012 it seems to me veryyy old wifi sdio I use my box for voip ( asterisk) , vpn ( tinc ) , domotic, pihole dns catcher and I love it and yes I agree with you, good power less consumtion
  6. @Seth no worries, feel free to ask as many info as we are able to explain Consider that dtb isn't related only to rockchip so studying, understanding them will help ALSO with rockchip but not only with them ( also with allwinner, amlogic ) The kernels @jock compiled ( both legacy and main) are already optimized for having all out of the box in MOST cases but of course new devilish boxes can appear on market I am sure your box will work
  7. @Seth what do you mean extract config from original firmware? behaviour of led are defined in the dtb PLUS kernel : example I have my two leds one is just heartbeat and the other is emmc ( or cpu0 ) activity just because it remembers me a spinning hard drive. This is my PERSONAL approach in the dtb just an example gpio-leds { compatible = "gpio-leds"; pinctrl-names = "default"; pinctrl-0 = <0x75>; blue { gpios = <0x3f 0x7 0x1>; label = "blue"; linux,default-trigger = "timer"; default-state = "off"; }; red { gpios = <0x6e 0x15 0x1>;
  8. @dale really not important if nand or emmc in the very beginning ( i mean miniloader stage) with rkdeveloptool you SHOULD be in LOADER MODE after flashing the loader and NOT in mask rom mode So let's first check that really you are in loader mode.
  9. @dale hello dale, would you try this loader and give us feedback , please RK322XMiniLoaderAll_V2.47_spectek_en_ddr2_rd_odt_171127.bin
  10. @Alvaro Fernandez Alvaro you don't need ANYTHING more of what you already have quite sure it uses 8723cs even if it says 8723bs so you have to blacklist ssv6051 because quite sure is this one interfering. don't need to compile really nothing. The legacy image already has every thing, just make sure the other wifi modules don't get loaded and instead is loaded the right one about ram....please.... don't believe what chinese resellers say and check on internet the right name of one ram chip and just multiply
  11. @Alvaro Fernandez bom dia Alvaro, yes forum limitation for new users . @jock and me we suspect of a strange ddrbin ( in the idbloader) that isn't compatible 100% with some ddr . Nota all ddrs just few . Jock is trying to assemble an image just for you for this RARE case , for your tests, but give him some time, please. @Seth Thank you so much for reporting the experience, so you used 0xccccccc for flashing idbloader !!! Interesting I will do further investigations. TY @edouard_k ty for sharing the original firmware, always interesting dig into them.
  12. @Seth very very glad to see your board is working, so happy !!!!! For further infos and helping more people would you be so kind to post some screenshots and a more detailled procedure !? And don't forget a " like" ( the heart symbol) for authors to help them in good forum reputation !!!
  13. @Alvaro Fernandez bom dia Alvaro, if we are speaking of this https://it.aliexpress.com/item/32844721184.html? it has a sd card reader so you can use the multitool from @jock to confirm that it is booting fine If libreelec starts, also multitol and linux will start , may be we must only find the right mixt of uboot and trustos to burn on the sd card. so please try multitool first ( first page)
  14. @JVMS good morning, in a previous post you said that your chip is a 3229 but it seems effectively it is a 3228. Anyway it should work smoothly with the desktop version here I assume with android you have hdmi output, isn't it ?
  15. @qiheng very cool everything is working Do you want to describe all passages you did ( use trnslator, no problem is ok ! ) so maybe can help others How did you modift the command line , etc etc etc Thank you !!!