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  1. @audio kees I do agree with @jock libreelec is not a bad idea, it works fine with tv, iptv ( LEGAL contents) , with dvb usb tuner dongle and with all media . Volumio is interesting, too Armbian is for ssh, nas, voip pbx, vpn, servers, and all the stuffs network related that linux is capable of. If you want high level media performances, just leave in a corner the 15 dollars tv box ( that work lovely thought) and go on well supported platforms as jock is suggesting you. But again , please open a new thread if you like, so we can keep this discussion about rk322X hardware/booting/hdmi and so on related problems. And thank you for spotting the emc/nand clock pin
  2. @audio kees for me too is strange libreelec is bricking your board. Sure this don't happen on emmc and old nand with legacy kernel , but you have ecmp so maybe devil is in details. On this same thread and on libreelec forum there is a man @ilmich . He is the libreelec' s MASTER (lol), he is a friend and always prone to answer and find solutions. Let's ear directly from him his opinion. So I find usefull now you move on libreelec forum since here is more specific to armbian, linux and hardware problems related, all problems that seems to be solved Anyway I guess it should boot and work smoothless even libreelec on this ecmp , but I'm not the one that can answer
  3. @audio kees I definetly agree with @RaptorSDS on the right side you have pins for a nand that isn't soldered .you can spot ecmp clock even there. usually pin 6 or 7 starting from the dot, but check with oscilloscope or try to boot pressing the little switch just at the end of eraphones hole at while still pressing it plug power. also try to find uart
  4. @audio kees don't blame on age , 61 here ...lololol anyway the system is booting from sd ..and it will work from internal emmc , too !! just grab the gz one from the server and do all again, first erase the emmc and then burn in internal storage did you remember, or can you test by inserting again the multitool SD , how the internal storage was identified ? usuallycould be mmc2 or something like that
  5. @audio kees you need the most simple and stupid usb keyboard, not sofisticated ones nor wireless because of lack of drivers in multitool that has a very basic kernel If you haven't one ... grab from a friend remember.. kiss !!! keep it simple (and) stupid
  6. @Jaisere you welcome. Just grab the boot folder from a working image and put into the linaro one. then burn this " frankenstein" image with multitool. But I repeat, if you want latest patches use the @jock 's very last images on a sd or usb and you will be surprised how amazing are those boxes Don't forget to add a like to the posts, it help good consideration and reputation of the authors of this thread on the forum. Ty
  7. @Jaisere this COULD be a challenge , but really isn't. The images provided by @jock are complete, have the BOOT folder filled with all necessary : kernel, init, dtb , environment This rootfs has BOOT folder empty. So you still need kernel and other stuffs from a working 4.4.194 image You should mount the image from jock under linux, grab the BOOT folder complete....... then mount this rootfs linaro, again under linux, paste the BOOT folder, and burn regularly by multitool It will conseguentially boot
  8. @Jaisere the rootfs i gave to you clear says " utgard armsoc" DON'T UPGRADE DON'T DO NOTHING or you will loose the optimization made by linaro team the chromium browser itself uses a sort of hardware acceleration, the video uses a sort of gpu.. but DON'T EXPECT too much For nice graphical environmetn follow @jock 's suggestion, but will loose NAND
  9. @Jaisere the problem ISN' T the lima or xorg issue, but "VERY SIMPLE" : it doesn't find the rootfs. it is clearly explained in your log : WAITING FOR ROOT FILE SYSTEM This indeed happen because when you update and upgrade maybe it takes a NEW KERNEl and new kernels DON'T support nand . That's all!! No lima issues , no mesa issues, no other than newer kernels not recognize NAND if you want desktop environment and at same time install in internal flash try to find a 4.4.xxx kernel with xfce or lxde already installed Or you can try this rootfs but you still have to use a 4.4.xxx kernel https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jmtwGs88iXfCs7UtaEv1d5h7C9-9KGFg/view?usp=drive_link
  10. @ktolisgr Nand Is ONLY supported on Legacy kernel Stay on 4.x.x and everything will work. This Is clear said in first posts and throught the whole 3ad but i know.....Reading Is boring and forum huge, better direct ask thing already explained billion times !
  11. @djoness Welcome to the forum, italian HAM here. I also manager to install hblink and hdswitch in a rk322x . If you dont mind i will drop you some Infos in you private message, Just to let clean the forum for hardware and firmware related questions
  12. @s-2 hello welcome on this thread, and unfornutately is a huge one with sone really interesting pages and some other less. but go staight to answers The first one isn' t a rk322x but a "CPU: rk3128" and thus you'll not find anything interesting on this thread , go search for 3128 (if any) The second is splitting out errors due to incorrect ddrbin ( let' s call it bios...) and you must go in maskrom to correct the problem by shorting pins on the board ( i haven't one so ignore which ones) Surely @jock will share this answer
  13. Please Just remain focuses on rk322x and their problems. Dont go off topic Thank you all very much for understanding , highly appreciated
  14. @Bert Kortenbach not at all On this same forum we had people that bought for sure amlogic 905 and got rockchip and vice versa. Is Total roulette with china vendors Where you located if you dont mind I ask
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