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  1. @gnusmag45 don't panic those boards are unbrickables if no phisycal damage occurs. Let's wait @jock
  2. @gnusmag45 don't worry about english , me too I'n mot native. Ok let' s see what @jock suggests about this emmc related problem And PEOPLE don't forget to put a simple like ( the heart icom ) to help good reputation of people here.
  3. @gnusmag45 read again the 3ad , all infos, you will see that some boards came with NAND and not EMMC and I guess this is your case. You should follow the STEP-NAND instructions instead and see if this fits to you
  4. @Tucano2000 This is a very aggressive way to find the exact clock-pin of emmc and also very DANGEROUS. Luckly throught 1k resistor the current will be quite low, but the possibility to destroy some cmos part is still HIGH. The only way to be sure that you managing the righ emmc clock point is discovering it with an OSCILLOSCOPE , as I did the very first time i managed to find on my board, but again unfortunately my board is different from yours !!!!!!! And as @jock already said , is needed more debug informations. Without a UART log we are pretty blind and also trying to
  5. one of the best approach ever is open the box and see the ddr chip name and google for it. In the hope that our proucer didn't re-brand even the chip
  6. This world of tvboxes is a jungle, where every morning a gazelle wakes up and have to run to survive ...we know the rest of the story !!! The effort of bringing a form of " stability " on them was not easy and only possible because @jock and myself had some spare board to play with , autopsy and personally even lobotomizing since i found TONS of emmc faulty on hk1 circle tvbox, so I removed with hot air and now working only from SD. That is the reason we GREATLY thank every single user that is willing to test this work and help us to go every day better, but the road to have distros
  7. @Generic_user I deeply suspect your power supply is defective.Something in the loop voltage control is broken and instead having correct retro-action control it gives you maximum voltage PLEASE DON'T USE IT ANYMORE on any other box !! All these board are 5 volt and i can guarantee the initial step-down dc/dc converter HARDLY support high voltage for long time period. Let's say is quite more tha a suspect that you board is fried . Cannot confirm but.... If you have some electronic skill you should misure ( tipically on the output ceramic capacitors ) on the various small
  8. I know that tools for amlogic too and those mentioned in this 3ad aren't so different. Basically they " open" the img by searching some " headers" in the bin and extract the righ information. Scroll back to search for these tools on this forum and give them a try on the backup you have . I guess something will come out About 45/50 is ok then the strike points for temperature protection are already been mentioned by @jock
  9. @RaptorSDS wrong 3ad sorry my bad@jock
  10. @RaptorSDS if you have original rom image you can use some tools ( if you scroll and read the whole 3ad those tools have been published several times ) to extract the dtb . Not sure i those tools work even on a backup img but I guess yes ! It seems to me it is a board sometimes called SARDINE , I have on but different wifi, all is working on mine About temperature .. put finger CLOSE to heatsink or even touch it .. if you are not burned and feel the temperature quite confortable, well is just an error in temperature reading. Consider that temperature higher of 60 cels
  11. https://chinagadgetsreviews.com/download-android-7-1-2-stock-firmware-for-scishion-v88-tv-box.html https://mega.nz/file/VNMVlCbK#3UC-UgoQ6ZvWttCrtgzhxGV7fq3qhHMrLEcqnLDZpj8
  12. @jock Great great work, as usual Jock !!!!
  13. @KSilva bom dia , good morning Well , yes just male to male do NOTHING You should : 1) un plug the power 2) press the little switch " boot" 3) while PRESSING boot insert the male male ( HAVE YOU CROSSED THE WIRES IN USB CABLE ??? ) and see if lsusb changes. I usually do this under windows because suddenly a sound "bling blong" is coming out if the usb subsystem recognizes a device If not in one usb port, do the above from scratch in the other usb. If lsusb or windows recognizes a new device changed we are a step further If the above not working 1) un plug the pow
  14. @rlukas210 yes your board is well known and also quite good supported. I am happy and satisfied it is working now
  15. that is for android 3.10.xxx and we are on kernel 4.4.xxx and yes .. we already have that too