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  1. @paradigman you need sources for your kernel that is 5.15.16-rockchip64 you compiled from sources that are 3.14.29 SMP in few words wrong sources so the module will never fit and it isn't a problem of CONFIG_LOCALVERSION Is a problem you are usign wrong one
  2. @Wester_Minsk I suppose you want to build a uboot for supporting booting from usb3 . This isn't a simple task and if it was simple, somebody else already could had done for all of us. It is needed deep knowledge of processes undergoing the compilation and the modding of c sources. It isn't just a flag " boot from usb3..." but a chain on changes to do to the code, if someone already has written a code for it By the way here is the link https://github.com/rockchip-linux/u-boot but then don't ask for assistance in what when and where apply patch since if this infos were clear and well known uboot already had have usb3 support. But you really welcome to study and share your results
  3. @Trần Minh Thảo what operating system are you using to flash device ? you need UBUNTU or DEBIAN , latest versions
  4. @paradigman Yes this is clear but you belong to VERY few cases that HDMI doesnt' work and actually there isn't yet a solution a dobozod néhány esethez tartozik, és nincs hardverünk, amit tanulmányozhatnánk. jelenleg nincs megoldásunk
  5. @ilmich and here it goes the uart photo. Consider soldering on that pads will be not EASY ;-)
  6. @Trần Minh Thảo What is for rkbin-master for you ??????? What do you think is it purpose ?
  7. @ilmich Michele no worries about slack or other, I born on mandriva ( red hat) but the " debian" world is interesting. About uart, send photos of board since i discovered uart pins on many boards or try on pin number 4 of the big sd card reader , start counting from the little pins of the switch of sd card. If you own an oscilloscope you will spot the uart in 3 seconds Of course you should not have the sd card inserted. And DON'T ASK ME why there is a uart on that pin that is
  8. @ilmich Ciao Michele anche da parte mia. The booting of armbian on 322x is result of manyyyyy little pieces and patches taken from respeaker original project , personal studies and suggestion by @knaerzche , the same work from whom also you have taken some ideas. I follow your post on libreelec forum and you too have done a great work, compliments! I guess you can take all the code that you want and improve your studies on libreelec This is the evidence that when clever and opened minds work together the result cannot be other than great
  9. @markst This sentence is absolutely realistic and I can give to you for sure that ALWAYS there is a way to put those boards in mask rom. Now it cames that I havent' phisically your exact board in my hands otherwise I sure would help you and other friends to discover the emmc pin That said anyway is a bit like put DIESEL in a 96 octane engine. The engine is still there but you need open it and clear filtes injectors and so on. I am sorry it happened to you but just "wait " .......some others on forum will discover the pads of emc clock
  10. @callegar 1) To me happen quite often on 322x ( not ried on 3318 thought) , both on sd and on internal emmc/nand. It look like the ethernet o wifi is not adapting very well the speed of the net related to the speed of writing/ reading from storage. I can confirm that this happened to me also and exactly when i tried to stress the board as you did. 2) waiting for better @jock answer 3) yes you are right , at the actual state kernel and related things are not part of official armbian neither debian , but also all of us should consider that this is very esperimental case of study so the best is auto-compile since is not very difficult. The difficult part is patch things as soon as problems are dicovered
  11. @kindgott this 3ad is more hardware operating-system oriented than user space applications oriented. It cames by itself that if we would only try all the universe of application avaible for linux we loose the original point of view : working or not working on the most boards on the market To answer to yor question , btw , I installed 2 years go and I did step by step, not using a precompiled image. Now I see that many solutions are precompiled images and I don't like this approach I guess google as alway can help solving the question at the actual state of art of volumio
  12. @calipzone try to set 8723CS with CS and blacklist or rename both AS and BS. modprobe when the kernel has already started could result useless unless you have blaclisted or renamed the other two Just a try, my 8723 is working with cs !!!
  13. @Elmojo I know is not fine answer to a question with another question but in this case comes very natural ask : why did you modded it ??? Just for fun ? You didn't have a defined purpose in trying linux ? Anyway, just to answer , in my personal study case I have done on it: voip pbx ( asterisk) network nas network firewall pihole dns firewall openvpv, wireguard and tinc vpn home assistant volumio special ip cam monitoring and data acquisition and I guess I could experiment more..... if only I would study more potential applications
  14. @zr111983 It seems the board is booting and hangs there for some reason. Let' s wait @jock suggestion Where you from ? россия or украина or any other cirillic country ?