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  1. Hello @Voidbert welcome in this crazy adventure on tvboxes. You will gain the right to publish every time you want once you get some " reputation" on the forum. It is automatic and gained with more posts and interaction The ideal would be that in the " market" of the country where you live could have sure access to newest boards with ecmp and other hardware different from the ones we actually own. We have gret great experience on the hardware of shishion ( named piano v88 ) , sardine ( yep this is commercial name ) , chiptrip ( mx4 vr / vn / r ) , rk329q but up to revision 3.0 Thought we lack hardware such as newest ecmp and newest r329q that seem to have different behaviour on booting and/or flashing into internal memory Welcome aboard
  2. unfortunately x96 max ...mini.. half sized 🤣 are so useless categories. they use the same name for 322x and 3318 and even amlogic Thank you @Seth for your apport and support 👍 looking forward for photos and further infos
  3. Hello Vittorio thank you so much for this effort. Effectively nas, pbx,adblockers ,vpn' s are the best ever applications for those boxes I run several pbxes on rk322x , but ALWAYS have found freepbx , even on x86 or 64 very heavy, caotic, too way customized . I run mostly pure asterisk 13 ( or 16 it depends which is shipped with debian itself) with the old, ugly digium GUI interface. The interface is lightweight since uses static contents and js files and when I need something more customized, I do it in extensions.conf by hand Maybe we can discuss in private for some improvements ( I think to billing solutions) so we can leave free the 3ad for more hardware/kernel related problems
  4. @Vittorio Mori Good afternoon Vittorio Somewhere in this same 3ad I already posted the boot seguence of those boxes. Posts are so many that maybe you didn't find it. It doesn't exist a mbr or uefi , instead buried in the soc itself there is a tiny bootstrap that involves ddr ram and few others things. This is called loader mode If for any reason not even the initializer is present in the emmc or nand, well we have a mode that is called maskrom mode. Since this is buried into the soc, those box are UNBRICKABLE since at least " something.." is still able to boot. Once the loader is started then the control is passed to u-boot itself Here you can have an idea of the flowchart http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_Boot_option
  5. Tvboxes.... Love ( they are cheap and when work are horsepower) Hate ( often if not Always) something missing or not working hate or love?
  6. Dear friends, lately many many questions on this 3ad are about docker and it's problems. I really would suggest to open a different discussion and leave here only kernel and hardware relate problems, because if we continue here with user space implementantions the 3ad becames abnormous and difficult to read. Maybe @MattWestB and @primoitt could start soewhere else an apposit 3ad and guide other friends into solutions. Lately if solution needs an intervent on kernel all of you will be welcome to ask here Thanks a lot !!! 🤗
  7. @Revsearcher Try to remove heatsink the uart could be there
  8. @Poleto69 bom dia marcio, if you search on this same forum there was another brasilian man, he also was struggling with this honorable project to bring computers and/or low power devices into favelas Contact him so you can share infos on those box and achieve your goal
  9. @MX10.AC2N May be doing a very easy and quick search on Google??? There are plenty on answers Just searching for Debian no pub key
  10. @Felipe Triana Felipe armbian uses gpt , android uses a organization of partitions called rkparameters . rk parameters are written into sector 0X02000 of the nand, just after the loader address space is a bit as you modified the master boot record to use mbr or uefi. This just to explain the difference between android and armbian and also this is an annoing alert repeating from the beginning of this post, saying mxq-4k means NOTHING !!!!!!! Neither is possible ask a backup from a mxq-4k from other users for the reasons explained later in this post Please open the bow ( 4 little screws under rubber pads) and give more info ( mx4v ? mz4vr? r329q ??) or better attach photos of the box If you really want go back to android ( but .. why ??? 🙂 ) and if you are also a windows user or you can use windows in some way , you can use the attached windows tool and, instead of using the backup obtained by multitool, look for an android suitable for you board ( that despite of being called mxq-4k could be a 3228. 3228a, 3229, ddr2, ddr3 and all the hell the china market does ) !!! 😄 🤣 For the future, backup before any experiment ! AndroidTool_Release_v2.69.zip
  11. Until are kernel related problems Is ok discuss here. Or you can discuss elsewhere, test and then make requests here about missing features in kernel
  12. @Vittorio Mori Ciao Vittorio, buongiorno e benvenuto I will answer in a straight manner don't consider it rude 😄 but just the answer of someone that loosed sleep trying to achieve the same as you. Yes ! You have to go trought the whole compile method and then build your buildroot stripping down what is un-needed. Now the problem is that used to exist a rockchip buildroot method described on github and i don t find anymore it NO !! Unfortunately you still have to go trought the compilation method enabling compile fmpeg with some tweaking as described here with this 3 " magic" flags --enable-rkmpp \ --enable-version3 \ --enable-libdrm \ or even on this same post at the beginning where @jock says as to enable to HW acceleration with some script I did it but was a PITA !!! hope you get your goal
  13. @javaxsousa multitool is made for being the MOST COMPATIBLE WITH ALL boxes around. is a minimal set of things JUST TO LET THINGS WORK and is not guaranteed that it works always because newer and newer boxes are coming around, but it should work in most cases, at least until now Multitool must be left as it is !!!!!!!! don't change nothing and nowhere is said to change dtb in multitool What you should do is connect a 2 dollars usb-ttl converter and report here the most complete log of booting without we are blind !!!
  14. @javaxsousa please excuse me but i don't understand.. where "I meant to replace rk322x.dtb with rk3228a-box.dtb in settings" in multitool ? in image? where ?????????????????????????????????????????
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