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  1. @Wester_Minsk Usually programs such as putty, extraputty and other putty derivatives have the ability to export logs captured in real time on the uart to a file called putty.log Then copy paste here or upload somewhere @jock or myself can have a look
  2. @Wester_Minsk ch340 should be ok. Remember the speed of rockchip is NON STANDARD at 1500000, yes 1 million 500000 ! It will be interesting : full bootlog of android full bootlog with sd inserted but android still present in eemc full bootlog of armbian in emmc full bootlog of armbian in emmc plus sd inserted In few words the most case we have, the better understanding of things !
  3. @Wester_Minsk Your contribute is highly appreciated, don't worry ! If you like to continue experiment is ok ! Let me ask you : have you electronic skills ? Would you be able to connect a uart /ttl converter to those wonderfull uart pads I see int he photos ? спасибо
  4. @Wester_Minsk Actually you have android up and running on your box! This is a good new. Now burn an image DIRECTLY on sd card, no multitool , nothing. JUST the armbian image on sd card. You can do with balena etcher or with win32diskimager The box should run armbian ( linux then) on the board and you can do all the test you need. I still suspect defective internal emmc or / and defective sd card
  5. @Wester_Minsk I am sorry to read that your board " has gone" ! I can say to you that " maybe" if yiu touch with your finger the component you can check which one is gone. A pure excercise because without a hot air gun and big big big skill is quite impossible replace emmc or ddr. Is a pity because when 3318 works is a good board indeed
  6. @Wester_Minsk Consider that I have plenty of 3318 faulty. Those that are faulty completely is a form of "good luck" Those with intermittent fault are the worst , also because when they freeze nothing is written in logs. This kind of freezing could be related to faulty emmc or/and DDR. Especially because you say that have to flash back every thing on emmc One test , if you haven't already done , could be run every thing from SD. In other words erase emmc and do all the testing on SD. if freezing doesn't occur you have your answer
  7. @Imad Addin the link is working fine. Try again tomorrow maybe, some route down maybe
  8. @Wester_Minsk As @jock already said , is more probable a fake spec than a real 4gb Blesses to China producers
  9. @RetroFan90 no, you must convert to dtb again and apply some headers if you use the parameters.txt method to flash images on linux first install device tree compiler to go from dts to dtb again then follow this important github of mr. Justin to obtain again something that the legacy kernel can manage . You need some headers . If you are on legacy use directly the dtb obtained from device tree compiler Which is your case ? Burning with parameters.txt or using the mainline kernel ??? https://github.com/jhswartz/rk3229/blob/master/PARTITION-REPLACEMENT.md p.s. but are the images you are trying to mod ANDROID or are you playing on Armbian now ?
  10. @RetroFan90 here it comes, but you can also do by yourself looking for the firmware I suggested you 3318-OCVR.nPI.dts.zip
  11. @RetroFan90 They are all HK1, the circle one , many but really many have exploded regulators on ddr V+ since the ddr are poorly soldered and/or defective and they have short circuits on the bga balls Here for you a dts from one of the firmware you send (1.4.1_atv_rk_10.img) The tool for extracting dtb's is called RK3xxx_firmware_tools_5.23.1_by_SergioPoverony.zip 3318dts.zip
  12. @RetroFan90 I do agree totally with @jock : overclock 3318 is a terrible idea. We suspect that 3318 is the " poor brother " of 3328 , or in other words , 3318 is a badly assembled/builded 3328 that has some electric electronic characteristic that made impossible to call it 3328 so was downgraded to 3318 I have more than 30 defective 3318 with broken emmc, ddr that go higher than 100 celsius and I wouldn't even try to overclock the few 3318 that are working
  13. @RetroFan90 thank you so much, always is better to have original firmwares to inspect and study !!!