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  1. @Maker39 Consider that Sardine is so powerful that I use it TO COMPILE the armbian itself. When I need new kernel or module I compile on board itself. Is a power horse and I like it the most. Yes is a pity for WiFi, but investigation on what the hell is not working still going on. It is a continue work in progress If we stopped when other people said Linux NEVER would run on 3229 , we ( Jock and I and some other clever mind from libreelec) wouldn't be here in this 3ad now . Stay tuned
  2. @MFaust You have a 3228 as you can see by efuse 23 82 is 32 28 in reverse order could you please post the output of full UART if you have , from beginning of boot and WITHOUT the usb dongle? The ssv6061 driver is crappy but usually it works, Don't expect high performance, thought TY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Maker39 I have the EXACT identical board as the blue one with rtl 8703 . That should be a real 3229 with REAL 2 giga ram ddr3. This is one of the best board I own , also called SARDINE, I like it very much, but.. but... never was able to have wifi working on it ...NEVER about the green board, never seen before so no tests on that. But in lib/modules should be any possible driver for wifi , but I repeat, on Sardine never was able to have wifi
  3. @MFaust ty for detailling your experience, another 322x board that works with Armbian That crappy ssv6051 driver usually creates TWO wlan interfaces: one p2p and the other a REAL wlan0 . Try to investigate if from command line NMTUi >> activate a connection >> shows you a real wlan0 apart from p2p connection
  4. @Maker39 well I have plenty of those running on different ip's and for different purposes: one example is domotic, I control the temp in my home with prelay on other i have my asterisk pbx voip server running with actually extension even over the world again samba and printer share, hole dns resolver ( ad blocking) and one of my preferite, my vpn server if you want use this board as headless, well it is perfect ( really even desktop is running smoothly) Of course this could occur , too many commercial variations, but backbone I should say is robust enough now Any way all reports and feedbacks are highly appreciated, ty
  5. @Maker39 Ok the frequency of DDR is set to the 600 MHz value that is maximum for that board. Can you report overall impression on board functionality ?
  6. thank you for feedback and summarize!! and efuse says you really on a rk3229 and not a 3228 this 23 39 is 32 29 in reverse order but shows that not using frequency scaling PLEASE would you attach the dtb you are using here @jock is the kernel compiled with dmc, yes ? if so need to edit the dtb to enable the dmc into the right node
  7. @Maker39 you are welcome yes , me too I use it with some economic relais https://www.ebay.it/itm/NEW-2-Channel-USB-Relay-5V-Programmable-Computer-Control-For-Smart-Home/352565804995?hash=item52168f3fc3:g:SA0AAOSwWI5cN~Ff and this project : https://github.com/ondrej1024/crelay with this app on telephone, even idf made for raspberry it works perfectly https://apk.support/app/com.jasonfindlay.pirelaypro
  8. @jock was my mistake, i suggested maker to use r329 q but i missed that is a mmc @Maker39 sorry for that follow jock suggestion about wifi yes it makes two connection , a p2p and a managed one to choose the right one you can try from ssh with command nmtui and then activate a connection
  9. @Maker39 you have a nice board with ddr3 ram . This is good since you will have really good performances use the r329 q ONLY and please post output of: cat /sys/class/devfreq/dmc/trans_stat hexdump -C /sys/bus/nvmem/devices/rockchip-efuse0/nvmem dmesg | grep wlan maybe you should blacklist some modules under /lib/modules
  10. @Maker39 would you explain the meaning of this sentence ? It hangs ? no video ? video and not audio ? What exactly If you have read all the posts in this 3ad you should have realized that just giving the COMMERCIAL name or the advertizing on ram and or processor doesn't help very much so please try to enumerate in more detailled way all the problems you are experimenting BTW i am using win32 disk imager
  11. I was sure in the meanwhile you found the uart Btw yes , most probability you have DDR2 and a bit of overclocking will do the board sure work with some erratic hanging, but work ! About the config , you can still use 4.4.194 config and kernel, just be sure to make modules and install modules in some dir during compilation and then copy the whole folder under /lib/modules/4.4.194 in your root. It gives you more " control" to load and unload unwilled modules
  12. @hexdump thanks for replayng ; you have a 3228 and not a 3229 , probabily a 3228b 00000000 52 4b 23 82 the numbers 23 82 are 3228 in reverse mode so you must use trust os for 3228, the trust os for 3229 simply will not boot the board but this you already knew regarding the changing in code in kernel I did the following ( but no changes in code, maybe in make config ) : in my long post linux on 3229 I used too the kernel 4.4.189 and it worked fine. I booted in 4.4.189 and take the config.gz and then recompile 4.4.194 with that same .config and it worked with SAME dtb . last info : I am pretty sure you have uart debug. At very early booting ( power on) what ddr it says ? ddr3 or ddr2 ? because ddr2 on 3228 HAVEN'T dmc ( ddr frequency scaling) so they will run at the speed that uboot set , probabily at 333 mhz ( all this infos thanks to @knaerzche that explained in his work on libreelec ). If you have ddr2 you must DISABLE dmc node in dtb boards with 3228b and ddr2..... well.... they are a bit slower than others EDIT: i realized the different behaviour from kernel 4.4.194 to 4.4.189 in @jock config many thing are compiled as modules so then you must insert right modules under /lib/modules in 4.4.189 compilation many things are compiled IN kernel so they work out of box, but yet you should check if have ddr2 or ddr3
  13. @hexdump could you post the output of : hexdump -C /sys/bus/nvmem/devices/rockchip-efuse0/nvmem if hexdump command not foud then apt install bsdmainutils
  14. @Alessandro if your wifi chip is ssv6051 you will have it working as well that driver is really crap so be ready for some instable acting