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    electroning and re-life to old electronics stuffs
    router, tv box , wifi are my best friends

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  1. @regepower About mainline in nand Is not possibile . No nand drivers in mainline 😞 About slow dragging of Windows , well @jock Will answer Better but at the moment this Is the state of desktop experience on X11
  2. @Dario Murgia try googling for RK3xxx_firmware_tools_5.23.1_by_SergioPoverony EDIT https://chinagadgetsreviews.com/download-rk3xxx-firmware-tools-v-5-78-35-00-by-sergio-poverony.html
  3. @marras if you need just for 3d printer no desktop at all and it will be fast as lightnening
  4. @donluca yes this board is NOW supported and you will have great satisfaction in using it for your purposes. And yes ethernet will work out of the box ( and if I am not wrong, wifi too but about this let's wait @jock suggestion )
  5. @Henn This forum Is about armbian and Linux, not android Go find Android forum please
  6. @handymenny A beh, benvenuto nel gruppo di italiani...molto numeroso really 😉
  7. @handymenny Where you from, if i might ask? " Orario Europa occidentale..." Seems you tzdata Is in italian 😉
  8. For EVERYBODY on this 3ad: Me and jock and orhers authors know PERFECTLY that could be tedious ready ALL BUT ALL pages but the problem of fake printing on chips including CPU have been discussed severals but severals times. And many times has bene suggested to have AT LEAST a USB/TTL converter to interact with uart. @Max Sterg Let me understand : Is multitool booting ???
  9. @Max Sterg You have a 64 giga sd... You burn an image of around what dimensioni ??? 5 giga ? 4 giga ??? How big Is the image you are burning with balena ?
  10. @Max Sterg May I ask if you have any experience with Linux in general ? Because if you cannot choose by yourself an image with xfce desktop , that Is one of the severals desktop laying around, I guess you Will experiment many other problems in this experience with armbian and you Will come back here to ask even obvious things
  11. @Max Sterg If you really want to test specs on those box is best approach install armbian Btw consider that maximum we have seen on 322x is 16 giga storage 2 giga RAM and this Is due a hardware limite of the soc especially for ram I suppose you have 1 giga RAM btw
  12. df -h Will give you the storage free will give you the RAM htop Will give additional infos And YES those specs are fake
  13. @DavidJS you SHOULD at least know that FAT has a limitation to maximum 4gb for a single file so the problem isn't the partition but the file itself Anyway when you insert SD for 1st time without any image inside the fat partition is resized to maximum. Then remove the SD and out the image on it you can try to compress .GZ the image and see if it Is under 4gb and fit
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