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  1. I found the problem! (it was really hard to track down tough) The sd-card detection lamina was not working properly.... Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks for your fast reply, As for the power supply its a 5V 2.5A (the official raspberry one)... The wired thing is I tried different images, (Bananian, Armbian) and the only thing I got running is the precompiled Limaker one...
  3. Hy everyone, I am desperately trying to get armbian running on a bananapi pro. By using the raw files i had no luck. Did anyone ever try wether it works at all? For me id does not even boot... Thanks
  4. I just found the problem. I was following the guide on my mac - never had any problems with that so far, all rasbpian flasshing worked fine.... But somehow the flashing of armbian does not work... I did set up parallels and flashed it using linux... everything works now
  5. Hy everyone, I am trying to get armbian running on my bananapi. The problem is if i write the raw file to the sdcard (following the instructions) no boot partition is created. The bananapi does panic while booting and restarts after a few seconds... Any ideas? Thanks!